Practical Gift Ideas for People Living with Arthritis

What might be just a mild annoyance to someone who doesn’t have any disability, can be an absolute barrier for someone dealing with arthritis. For the approximately 175 millions of people world wide suffering from arthritis, simple daily tasks can be quite difficult and painful. From standing for long time periods, to the simple act of opening a jar, the pressure and strain on aching joints can make going about the day for these people a trial. This pain can even make some people give up some of the activities they love doing.

Luckily, today there are many arthritis assistance products that can make activities and tasks much easier and less painful. And truth be told, there is nothing worse than watching someone you love suffering without being able to help them or ease their pain. So, if you have a loved one or someone you know suffering from this condition, then here are some great gift ideas you can consider.

Arthritis Assistance Products

Sitting, Standing, and Walking Aids

For people with arthritis in the legs, mobility can be severely impacted. Just the mere act of standing up from a seated position can be a chore. For that reason, many different arthritis assistance products were designed to make moving around the house easier. And since moving can be painful, many of these people are trapped to move less. Consequently, this decrease in movement causes their joints to become stiff, which causes them even more pain. These assistive aids help people a great deal in moving around the house easier, which in turn decreases pain.


Cooking and Eating Utensils

Arthritis can make spending time in the kitchen a real misery, especially for foodies. Luckily, there are specialized cutting boards, knives and utensils with ergonomically designed handles for ease of use. Plus, the no-slip feature of cutting boards makes chopping and cutting much safer. As we mentioned, standing for long periods can worsen arthritis pain in the knees, hips, feet, and back. For that reason, cushioned mats to stand on are a great gift idea to make standing bearable and less painful. Can, bottle, and jar openers are also very practical. These devices can be either mounted or hand held – designed to help open even the most stubborn containers.


Reading is a great escape, true – but for people with a sore neck, wrists, or fingers, it might be a painful one. Audiobooks, often read by a celebrity narrator or by the author itself, are an easy and brilliant way to hear some great stories. It’s no wonder that these pieces of audio literature – once considered only for people with a poor eyesight – have become really popular.