Outdoor Décor Ideas to Transform Your Front Yard Landscaping

Since first impressions are lasting ones, make a statement by breathing new life into your front yard landscaping. With some minor accents and tweaks, you’ll make your home attractive and inviting from the street and boost its value.

Consider Placing Outdoor Tiles

grey outdoor tiles
source: tiles4all.co.uk

Tiling your front yard should be the first thing you do once you decide it’s time for a makeover. Although there’s nothing wrong with having a grass lawn, tiles are way more durable, don’t require maintenance and make your home look stylish.

There are a couple of options when it comes to tiling the yard. You can go for natural stone like granite and marble or pick wooden tiles. Stone tiles are really easy to maintain and the most durable out of them all. Considering it’s the outdoors you’re tiling, it is best if you choose tiles made from materials that can withstand diverse weather conditions and last for quite a long time.

Now, although wood seems like a delicate material, wooden tiles are specially made to endure heavy traffic and bad weather conditions. Outdoor wood tiles have a special coating that makes them fire-resistant, insect-resistant and unlikely to decay. So, if you like the looks of wooden tiles and think they will suit your front yard best, you should go for them without doubting their outstanding quality.

Install a Cool Letterbox

pillar letter box in front yard
source: milkcan.com.au

The letterbox might seem to you like a small detail but it is precisely the detail that can make a big difference when it comes to the final look of your front yard – especially if you pick a letterbox with a cool design. Modern-day letterboxes are not meant to only keep safe the mail that arrives, but also all the parcels you receive. Freestanding letterboxes have two separate compartments, one for letters and one for parcels. Their capacity is quite big and they’re very secure. You can rest assured no one will be able to mess around or tamper with your belongings.

Material-wise you can choose between a freestanding letterbox made of steel, get an elegant wooden letter box, one made of concrete or some sort of combination. The wooden letter box has a special coating on top that prevents it from getting damaged and most of the time you’ll find a wooden letter box combined with metal rather than a completely wooden one. And that’s a good thing since the metal increases its durability. Modern letterboxes come with a warranty, are completely theft-proof and very easy to install. Once you pick the perfect spot, you’ll be done with the installation in no time.

Although the letterbox is super functional and a must-have item that keeps your mail safe, it also counts as an irreplaceable outdoor accessory. When you compare a front yard without one and a front yard with a letterbox, it is evident how much more inviting a house with a letterbox looks. Plus, consider it a long-term investment. Letterboxes are made to last, so once you acquire and install yours, you’ll be able to use it for years to come. And hey, you’ll save the postman the trouble of walking all the way to your front door just so that he can deliver one letter. Definitely a win-win situation.

Add as Much Flowers as You Can

flowers in garden
source: mariebostwitck.com

Flowers are the one thing that can’t be surpassed when it comes to front yard décor. If you want to make your front yard look colourful and lively then you should most definitely include as many flowers as you can into the landscaping. You have two options, to create flower beds or to arrange the flowers into decorative pots. The most important thing when creating a flower bed is getting the placement right and picking a suitable flower bed shape. For instance, you can create a flower bed along the line of your house.

Option B is actually easier to execute. All you need to do is find some cute and suitable flower pots, plant your favourite flowers and arrange them however you think is best. Container plants are easier to take care of and they look really nice.

Get Suitable Lights

flood lights in garden at night
source: ledvance.com

Lighting is another thing you shouldn’t underestimate. Proper lighting can really bring the design of your front yard into a focal point and make your home look as stylish during the night as it is during the day. The simplest lights you can get are spotlights that emit light only in one direction. They vary in size and brightness and create an amazing effect when positioned right. Usually, spotlights are being placed on the ground.

Floodlights are those you install on the walls of your house and they light up the area from above. Floodlights or adjustable wall lights have quite a big coverage and would be perfect for your front yard area. You can even combine them with spotlights for a better effect.

Now, if you’re aiming for something really decorative you should go for the string lights. Their design is as simple as it gets, but they look really chic and give off a romantic vibe.

Consider Getting Outdoor Furniture

outdoor wooden furniture
source: gardeningetc.com

As a final touch, you should consider getting outdoor furniture. A simple bench or a couple of chairs and a table will do the trick. Despite visually improving the look of your front yard and your house, outdoor furniture is really useful for when you want to chill and relax outside, breathe fresh air and enjoy the view.

You have a variety of choices when it comes to outdoor furniture. You can pick a set made of high-quality wood or go with a safer and more budget-friendly version – plastic and metal tables and chairs. But don’t let the materials fool you. Nowadays, even furniture made of plastic is designed according to all the recent trends and looks stylish. So, it all comes down to what you find suitable even though investing in outdoor furniture is always a good idea.