Adjustable Wall Light: A Great Way to Improve the Lighting in Your Home

The quality of your home’s lighting is an important factor when it comes to improving the functionality and aesthetics of your living space. From light switches to lighting fixtures, you need to make sure you make the right choices and create the desired atmosphere in your home.

Adjustable wall lights are very useful lighting pieces that are both functional and stylish. They are used for task-focused lighting, which serves to light up a particular area. These lights are adjustable in two parts – either the arm, head or both. If the arm is adjustable, then it will offer a lateral movement from side to side and a wider range in terms of adjustability, but if the head or shade is adjustable, it will offer up and down movement.


Adjustable wall lights are a popular option for modern home interiors, suitable for spaces ranging from hallways to dining areas. Wall lights might be the thing missing from your home’s lighting scheme. An adjustable wall light can provide necessary illumination for safety, accent artwork and architectural features, add task lighting or serve as a décor piece on its own.

Benefits of Adjustable Wall Lights

The idea of wall lighting goes back to the time when people used to hang gas-powered lamps by the wall to brighten up dark spaces. It was the most basic form of illuminating and over time, wall lights have transformed into highly versatile, decorative objects that can easily spruce up modern living spaces.

One of the main ideas behind the modern style is that form follows function, meaning that all decorative objects should reflect their intended purpose. If you like a simple home interior, with clean lines and minimal artwork and accessories, adjustable wall lighting can help you illuminate the entire space tastefully.

adjustable wall light over the bed

Wall lights are important components of properly layered lighting and they are more than just a concept. They are available in a variety of styles, sizes and finishes, so you can choose an adjustable wall light for every corner of your home and bring illumination into small areas like entryways, corridors and rooms with minimal square footage. Adjustable wall scones and LED wall lighting are some of the most popular options out there.

Tips on How to Use Adjustable Wall Lights in Your Home

There are many ways to make use of wall lights and here are a few ideas and tips that can help you maximise these amazing fixtures.

Hallways and Staircases

Sometimes the chandelier or ceiling lighting in a hallway or staircase is not evenly distributed and can pose a potential safety hazard. Adding wall lights to your hallway or staircase can instantly turn it into a relaxing setting and add charm to the entire space.

hallway adjustable wall light


Adding a wall-mounted adjustable light to your entryway can make it feel cosier and if added to the exterior on the front porch next to the front door, it can make your home feel more welcoming. Installing an exterior wall light increases curb appeal and optimises safety for your family and guests.

entryway adjustable wall lights

Living Rooms

Wall lights are a great secondary choice of light in large rooms. You can use adjustable wall lights in your living room to light up darker areas and far off corners of the room and add a flattering layer of more indirect light. You may be surprised to see how smaller details can make a big difference in a room, like a painting shine with under a wall light.

adjustable wall light in a livingroom


Very often, adjustable wall lights are installed in the bedrooms, next to the bed, since they are excellent reading lights and a great option for nighttime when the overhead lighting is too intense, but you are still not ready to turn off the lights.


Adjustable wall lights are a great addition to bathroom vanity mirrors. You can light yourself in the most flattering way by installing a wall light on either side of the mirror and prevent shadows from the overhead lighting from disrupting your daily routine, so you can prepare yourself and leave your home looking your best.

bathroom adjustable wall light


If your property has a garden and/or pool, adjustable wall lights can be very helpful. They can add functionality and style to your outdoor area and a layer of protection over your property. You can strategically scatter wall lights over the poolside wall or through the fence and make your outdoor space feel warm and welcoming. Also, garages, gates and parking lots are much safer with wall lights installed.

outdoor adjustable wall lights

Choose Wall Lights Carefully

Make sure to choose low-voltage, high-efficiency wall lights because they are commonly used as secondary lighting and your walls don’t need brightness equivalent to task lighting. Adjustable wall light fixtures with a yellow amber glow can create a cosy, comfortable setting that allows people to relax in a particular area.

It’s All About Symmetry

When putting wall lights in a hallway, large room or outdoors, make sure the distance between each light is exact because even a little bit of difference in the placement can make the error noticeable. To avoid this, make sure to take the right measurements before installing the lights.

symmentrical wall lights

Mix and Match Your Wall Light with Your Space’s Different Moods

Make sure to purchase decorative, but functional wall lighting fixtures that can be mixed and matched with the ambience of every room of your home. Depending on your style and preferences, you can choose the wall lights that suit your home interior. A black up-down wall light that can suit almost every theme and colour or a retro arm wall light to add a more sophisticated touch.