Office Room Dividers: Smart Ideas for Adding Privacy to an Open Plan Office

The negative side of open plan offices is that there’s a lack of privacy and constant distractions to deal with. As a result, most of us end up despising our loud and nosy co-workers as opposed to being inspired to collaborate with them. So, the question is how can we address employees’ need for privacy and concentration in an open plan office? Easily, with the addition of office room dividers. Here are some types of dividers you can use.

Glass Partitions

Glass Partitions

Glass partitions are a great solution for creating personal spaces without workers feeling like they are walled-off from the rest of the team. Partitions made of soundproof glass can allow people to concentrate on their task in complete silence or have a private conversation without worrying people will listen in. Another advantage of glass office room dividers is that they help preserve the open look of the space.

Solid Partitions

Solid partitions are the best choice for the kinds of professions that can benefit from maximum discretion and privacy, like for instance engineers and designers. They allow workers to conduct their work without worrying that they’ll be interrupted or seen. Just like glass partitions, solid partitions can also be soundproof. Depending on the design of the workspace, you can choose between solid partitions made of wood or aluminium. Both types are easy to install without needing to make significant changes to the workspace.

Furniture or Storage Units

Office Partitions Shelves

If your budget is tight and you can’t afford to install specialized office room dividers, then you may want to consider some alternative ways to define employees’ personal spaces. This can be with the help of existing furniture or storage units. For instance, tall bookcases and shelves can provide both visual and sound privacy. Plus, you can use them as a decorative touch by displaying some art pieces or ornaments. Placing some benches or sofas can allow you to better direct the traffic flow in the office.

Decorative Plants

Plants Dividers

A subtle way to add privacy to your office is by using decorative plants. You can choose some tall plants such as indoor palm trees, yucca, or rubber trees, or some regular plants placed on mobile shelving as a form of a green screen. Besides helping with privacy, the addition of colour can help boost the mood in the workspace.