Need Ideas to simplify beauty routine? A Cosmetic Tattoo can help

It’s no secret that permanent makeup (lip, eyebrows and cosmetic eyeliner tattoo) have helped a lot of people with a wide range of problems, both beauty related and other. Cosmetic tattooing can make you look like you’re wearing natural looking makeup even when you have none on. It can be used to enhance the shape of your eyes, eyebrows and lips as well as giving your cheeks a glow.

Cosmetic tattooing can save so much time on a daily applying makeup routine; it can help people who don’t have time to apply traditional makeup, but still want to look good. If you work a fast paced job and don’t have time, or maybe an outdoor job where you usually sweat it off, maybe you have makeup related allergies, poor eyesight or unsteady hands, either way cosmetic tattooing (lip, eyeliner, eyebrows) is available for everyone who wants to look good all the time. There is a variety of procedures out there that can enhance your look. For a more in-depth description keep on reading.


Makeup trends seem to come and go, just like hair and many fashion trends. Thin eyebrows were considered fashionable, trendy and something that every woman had to have. So women everywhere began plucking, tweezing and waxing their brows until there was not much left of them. These days fuller, thicker, lusher brows are the craze and most women that went through tweezing them all off have been left saddened. You can try to fix this with makeup, but if you want to make this something more permanent, then cosmetic tattooing is the solution for you.

Cosmetic tattooing can make your brows look naturally fuller or you can go as heavy as you like. There are so many colours for brow hairs and skin tones available sure to suit everyone’s individual needs. Fuller brows will enhance your eyes and give your face a more youthful appearance so why not try this procedure out.

Cosmetic tattooing can also help you if you need a more permanent solution for your eyeliner, and can even enhance your eyelashes. A cosmetic eyeliner tattoo can be as dramatic or as low-key as you want it to be; you can choose to have it black or maybe something a little more subtle, it really is up to you. The traditional way cosmetic eyeliner tattoo procedure is performed is by applying liner to the top and bottom lash line for a full effect, but the choice is yours where you wish to have the liner applied.


Eyeliner makes you look fresh faced, more awake and adds dimension to the eyes. Eyelash enhancements are the same idea as eyeliner but the pigmentation is placed between your individual lashes making them appear thicker and more defined. A cosmetic eyeliner tattoo is especially useful for people who wear glasses and can’t apply their eye makeup properly.

Having a cosmetic tattooing procedure on your lips can both add definition and fullness to your mouth and it sure beats having to reapply lipstick all the time. This particular procedure can cover just the perimeter of your mouth or it can also cover the inside of your lip depending on what you want. With time, certain things like sun damage, medical conditions and aging can change the shape and form of your facial features, your mouth can start to appear dull, thin and irregular. This kind of lip enhancement can define the border of your lips, it can also make them slightly larger, making your lips and face appear more symmetrical and youthful.

If you have this procedure done to your mouth, it can have an almost anti aging effect on the face. There is a number of procedures you can get including full lip colour, blushing, or just an outline can be done together or separately. There is no smudging once it’s on, so you can leave the lipstick at home.

Aftercare like any tattoo procedure should be a priority. Most healing takes place within 7-10 days and the procedures are virtually pain-free. Cosmetic tattooing is a convenience, fast, easy way to cut time doing your makeup, or enhancing your face for a more naturally beautiful look. If you have any scarring, burns, or any other skin related issues, talk to your dermatologist about cosmetic tattooing. There are also procedures available to improve those conditions too. If you are thinking about checking out cosmetic tattooing you can try a local dermatologist or ask your GP who can recommend you, or you can search online for a dermatologist near you who performs the procedure.