Ideas For Handling Thinning Hair

Today society puts a lot of pressure on women to always look beautiful. We have to have flawless skin, be toned and fit and have long, voluminous hair. But not a single woman is perfect – there is always something that does not fit the standards of beauty industry. For this reason, majority of women are in the constant hunt for solutions that will help them better cope with the body changes that happen as a result of aging. We are apt to try everything to hide the signs of getting older such as using every miracle anti-aging cream and serums available on the market, botox, lasers, surgery, etc.

And we do not focus on skin only. The same is true when it comes to hair as well. Thinning hair is another body change that we also have to deal with as we age. Traditionally considered a male problem, women can also be affected by hair loss. It is another factor that can alter the beauty image and significantly affect self-esteem. Hair gets thinner, starts to break, loses its shine and loses its volume.


As hair ages, the fatty acids responsible for protecting hair cuticles, start to dry out. This causes hair to become frizzy and get that dull, lifeless look. Also, the diameter of each individual hair gets thinner and the bend changes, causing coarseness and breakage as hair become less elastic.

Thinning hair is known as an aging problem and usually occurs when women reach their 40’s and 50’s, however, women of all ages can experience it. It can be linked to hormonal imbalance, genetic predisposition and elevated stress. Other factors such as poor nutritional intake can also contribute to thinning hair and hair loss.

If you too are experiencing thinning hair and do not know how to handle the problem, here are some ideas to try.

Relax – When we are relaxed, circulation increases and anxiety decrease. Find actives that can help you relax.

Exercise – Exercise also increase circulation. Good circulation helps hair tissue and scalp.

Eat right – We are what we eat. A healthy and balanced diet including protein and carbohydrates can help hair grow to its full potential in length and density.

Choose right hair color – As we age, skin complexion changes also. And as our skin colour changes, its recommended to choose a lighter hair colour. Lighter hair colour can help brighten overall complexion.

Take vitamins – Low levels of iron, Ferritin, B12 and Zinc can affect the health of hair. Thus, a combination of good multivitamins and a balanced diet can boost the health of your your hair.