Mid Century Sideboards: The Versatile Furniture Pieces Any Home Needs

Whether you’re fond of minimalism, or can’t get enough of enriching your interior décor with more pieces, one thing you can agree on is the essence a sideboard has in a home. Part of it is because of its beauty and part because of how functional it is.

It’s one of those furniture pieces that you simply must have, proving to be just as useful for the living room as it is for the kitchen, for instance. While there’s no lack of styles, ones that caught my eye as of late were the mid century sideboards due to their simplicity oozing in luxury.

Mid Century Sideboards

They are sleek, they are minimal, and at the same time contemporary, with plenty of space for storage which makes them the versatile option they are. What’s special about them is they are timeless and you can expect to have them around for years to come, even after new styles become fashionable.

The design of the mid century sideboards makes them the right addition to any home regardless of the interior style because they are free of ornaments, resulting in a classic look that we have the freedom to style our own way with the help of traditional, modern, or eclectic elements.

The sliding doors add more to the seamless look, hiding away the classic drawers so you have a clutter-free surface that you can fill up with items both small and large, like family photos, books, a pair of lamps, vases, bowls, or artwork in symmetrical or asymmetrical arrangements.

When it comes to the seasonal decorations, you know this is the display piece. This is the sideboard’s role in the living room, but if needed it can also be turned into an entertaining unit easily, and it’s great for this since you can hide away the cables.

Depending on the size, some sideboards make the ideal replacement for sofa tables so much so you wouldn’t even notice the difference, and you’d be happy to have such a multi-storage table you can count on.

If you have kids, a sideboard can be used as storage away from their rooms, to hide some of their toys, or board games, including electronics. Placed beside the wall, it goes well with a mirror or a painting. The sideboard-mirror combination is perfect for the hallway too, and it’s just what you require to keep the keys, umbrellas, or shoes out of sight.