Lamp Tables: Drab-to-Fab Style Ideas To Tell Your Design Story

Decorating a home should come naturally, right? For some folks – YES, but some simply do not have an eye for design. Well this post is for all of you who have no idea how to turn your living room from drab to fab.


Today I’ll talk about decorating lamp tables (side or end tables). Let’s be honest, lamp tables are often overlooked yet they are the perfect way for you to tell your design story; the simplest way to display your favourite things without overdoing it. Available in different types, materials, designs, styles, shapes and sizes, lamp tables have the power to freshen up your living room area while being functional at the same time.

Take nested lamp tables for example, these are perfect for living rooms as they are extremely functional, especially when hosting something like a tea party. Whether you want to buy a glass, bamboo, steel, wooden or leather, nesting lamp tables are perfect for showing your collectables or displaying your favourite books. Aside from serving the function of side tables, you can use them as a coffee table as well.

Let’s solve one of most puzzling decorating dilemmas – how to decorate side tables. Below I’ll give you some fresh and fancy tablescape suggestions that will help you instantly infuse your living room with style. Remember, carefully chosen and placed accent décor pieces can go a long way.

Decorative trays are perfect; they design structure while at the same time help you keep things organised. You can arrange different accents varying in height, size, texture and shape to add visual interest to the side table and a room as a whole. Remember, the more accents you display, the more personality you add. However, try not to overdo it; keep things minimal. Sometimes, less is more.


Books are for reading. Yes, but books are also for decorating. A stack of books will add height and texture to your side tables. Plus, you can express and exhibit your personality; the books you display will pretty much say what interests you. You can create so many fancy vignettes with books. You can stack few art books or novels and top it off with your favourite decorative piece (a large piece of coral, small glass vase with fresh flowers, framed photo, a piece of antique, etc.). Books are perfect for creating height variation and at the same time add texture, pattern and extra flair.