Ideas Worth Sharing: How to Prepare for a Family Camping Trip


So you’ve finally decided to take your children on their very first camping adventure, but you’re not completely sure what to bring along with you (aside from the bare necessities, of course). Don’t worry – we’ve consulted with a number of experienced parents and gathered many interesting ideas and useful pieces of advice to help you have an unforgettable time with your little ones. Here are some of our favorites.

Toys Always Make Things Better

Kids love playing with toys, no matter where they are. That’s precisely why packing some of your children’s dearest toys is a smart idea. If you want to make things much more fun for your sweethearts, you should consider buying them a nice set of child-friendly camping equipment. This way they will have fun without messing with the real camping gear (which, as we all know, can be dangerous).

Kids Tents Are Just Another Wonderland

There isn’t a single kid in the world who doesn’t like isolated and comfy places to hide and unleash their creativity. A quality and spacious kids camping tent can easily become such a retreat for your child. Perhaps purchasing a kids camping tent and a regular one for you and your partner seems like a bad choice to you, especially if you don’t intend to let your little one sleep alone during your stay in the great outdoors, but trust us – it isn’t. Why is that so? The answer is simple – because campsites aren’t the only place where kids can use their tents. During the sunny summer months, your child can play in their tent in your family yard without being directly exposed to the sun.


Foam Floor Tiles Are Your Toddler’s Best Friends

Who says you can’t go on a short but relaxing camping trip with your 18-months-old daughter or son? Just because your sweet little rascal doesn’t walk yet it doesn’t mean that you need to carry them in your arms all the time. You can simply put colorful foam floor tiles in your family tent and let your child play peacefully in it.

Awaken the Curious Little Explorer in Your Child

There are many ways to teach your kid about Mother Nature and her children, but going on a scavenger hunt is definitely one of the most exciting ones. Before you leave your home, search the Internet or visit a local library and find out which plants thrive in the forest you’re planning to visit. After that, prepare a list of the items you and your kids should look for (pine cones, tiny rocks, and feathers – to name a few) and add pictures to make it more fun. Trust us, your children will love this activity.