Camping Chairs: a Comfort Zone in the Midst of a Thrilling Adventure

Are you eager to join the thousands of RV enthusiasts who time and time again, choose the caravan as the ultimate thrilling and extremely convenient means of travelling? It’s quite easy to realize why caravan holidays have become so popular in the past few years. Caravans offer an absolute freedom and flexibility, giving you the chance to go whenever you choose, wherever you choose. Ah the thrills of freedom!

Camping Chair

At the end of the day, there is nothing more blissful and relaxing like unwinding at your caravan after a long day exploring and engaging in all kinds of adventures. And although rocks and stumps may serve as makeshift furniture in a pinch, they could never be as comfy and nice as a camping chair. Regardless of whether you’re more into luxury or portability, this guide should help you out choose the best camping chair for your next adventure.

Basically, there are three main types that you will come across at any camping chairs online store – minimal, regular and luxurious. The minimal type of camping chairs come in two styles – stools and folding seats. And since they are quite lightweight and very convenient to transport, they are the only ones you should ever consider if you leave your caravan and head for a backpacking trip in the woods. Regular camping chairs have aluminium legs, seat backs and arm rests. They feature a carrying bag with a strap which makes them easy to carry around. Luxurious camp chairs are the real deal; they are like bringing a recliner outdoors. They have various interesting features, such as a reclining capability, leg rests and many more. They provide the ultimate support and stability and are considered to be high-end regular camp chairs which will easily turn your outdoor caravan space into a plush zone of relaxation.

When it comes to weight – it should be one of your top concerns when choosing camping chairs online and it should be among the deciding factors when shopping. The ideal weight of a camping chair is no more than 3kg. As to materials, there are many to choose from. The legs are typically made of aluminium as this material is known for its great strength-to-weight ratio. Coated rip-stop nylon is a great choice as it is quite durable, water-resistant and very comfortable to unwind in. Closed cell foam padding is also a great choice as it absorbs water and is great for environments where there’s a lot of humidity and rainfalls. Cup holders transform normal camp chairs into plush and more luxurious ones. The cupholders of the lightestweight chairs are usually made out of a mesh fabric, while the ones of regular chairs are made out of the same material as the chair itself.

Whatever type you choose make sure that you love its design and the feeling of comfort and coziness that it provides you with. Become one with nature while sinking in the layers of comfort of your new fav caravan accessory. Happy camping!