Ideas on How to Style Rose Gold Earrings with Your Outfits

If you’ve been paying attention to the trends of the last couple of years, then you must have seen rose gold. And for all the hype rose gold gets, not many people know what it is. It’s a delicate mixture of a specific amount of classic yellow gold, copper metals and silver metals. Combined with yellow gold, the copper and the silver create the pink hue that’s characteristic of rose gold.

rose gold earrings


Adding stronger metals to the gold allows it to be made into jewellery. That’s because gold by itself is a soft metal and jewellery made only with gold would bend and dent. High quality, well-made rose gold is durable and attractive and doesn’t tarnish. However, it may begin to appear darker after years of wear, but that’s because of the copper. However, it can take many years of wear to happen and some people seek out this look for their jewellery since it makes it look like a beautiful piece of vintage jewellery.

You can find a rose gold version of whatever kind of jewellery you want since the trendiness of rose gold over the past years has made it much more available. The soft colour of rose allows it to go well with other metals, including sterling silver, yellow gold, white gold or platinum jewellery. This classic and clean look can be often found in rose gold earrings, some of the most popular and beautiful pieces of jewellery on the fashion scene lately.

Why Choose Rose Gold Earrings

The current popularity of rose gold is due to the comeback of colour in fashion at the beginning of the 21st century. Rose gold compliments the frilly shades and neutral colours and goes perfectly well with sterling silver or white gold pieces and can be worn with both casual and formal outfits. The best thing about rose gold jewellery is the versatility it offers and it looks great with all skin tones.

As a chic alternative to yellow gold rose gold has taken the world by storm. If you want to take your outfit to next level, choose rose gold earrings, the perfect addition to any lady who likes her jewellery collection on point. Rose gold jewellery pieces are timeless classics that will last for years and look better with age. Their soft colour makes them pair well with other types of metal in the same piece and with many different gemstones as well.

Rose gold jewellery earrings come in different shapes, sizes and design, comfortable to wear and beautiful to look at. They are elegant, trendy and effortless to style with your outfit for various occasions and you could hardly end up with an over accessorised appearance. Thanks to their subtle look you can easily play around with other jewellery items to get the desired look.

rose gold earrings


A Few Ideas on How to Style Rose Gold Jewellery Earrings

Regardless of the shape, size and design of earrings you choose, rose gold will always look luxurious and beautiful. There is no doubt you’ll find the right pair of earrings that match your mood, character and style. Here are some ideas that can help you elevate your look by simply adding rose gold jewellery earrings.

Gentle Look

To create a gentle look, all you need is a pair of rose gold drop earrings. Combine them with a white, pink or beige dress and a delicate bracelet or necklace.

rose gold earrings


Bold Look

To achieve a bold look, whether you’re attending a daily or an evening event, you can choose earrings with a gentle touch of champagne colour that will add elegant and opulent vibes to your look. You can pair your earrings with a dressy collared shirt or a dress and see how they become the statement piece of your overall appearance.

Business Look

To add a little interest and style to your outfit, you can choose round half, round hoop or ball stud earrings. Since they are not chunky and bold as statement earrings, they are great for business environments. Accessorise a pair of black dressy pants and a fitted shirt with your gold rose jewellery earrings, and voila – your working outfit is ready. A pair of rose gold stud earrings that don’t look overpowering and distracting could be the ideal add-on to any woman with a busy schedule.

Cool Look

Studs and delicate earrings have always been the favourite choice for most women. They are discrete, yet charming and give a feminine vibe to every outfit. Depending on your style and personal preferences, you can choose from a variety of sizes and shapes and create a simple, but cool look for everyday wear.

Cute Look

If you want to make your outfit more urban, distinctive and remarkable, opt for earrings shaped in a more interesting and fun way. This type of rose gold jewellery earrings goes perfectly well with a pair of jeans and a graphic tee or a simple top and a leather or denim jacket if you want to get a more rebellious look.

Modern Look

The hoop earrings made their huge comeback and are more amazing than ever. With minimalist-inspired vibes, rose gold hoop earrings are easy to style with almost any outfit in your wardrobe and give you a unique, sleek and modern look.