The Ideal Types of Flats You Need in Your Closet

A woman can never have enough shoes. Heels, boots, flats, or sandals – they are all stylish accessories for various occasions, moods and seasons.
However, comfortable everyday shoes are a necessity. Walking around the city, doing errands, working long hours, or simply enjoying a day off in the park cannot be done without proper footwear. And dealing with ankle, tendon, heel and toes pain isn’t worth it, no matter how great some shoes look. This is why it’s important that you have several pairs of flats in your wardrobe that will help you make firm and pain-free steps.

And while those celebrity shoe closets look breathtaking, most people can benefit more from buying shoes that are practical and can be combined with many outfits (and what’s most important, shoes that can be worn frequently). If you’re in need of a new pair of shoes that will be a pleasure to walk in and won’t cause any blisters or make your feet tired, here are some stylish and comfortable flats every woman should own.


picture of girls t-shirt whit stripes, black skirt, a notebook and sneakers on white wooden background

source: Toa Heftiba on Unsplash

A pair of sneakers can save the day no matter where you are headed. Casual, runners, sporty, white, black, colourful, you name it. Unless your workplace is strict about wearing certain types of shoes, you may be able to pull off a simple and elegant pair of sneakers at the office as well. At least nowadays when we’re all mad about sneakers, the market is abundant with various designs, that provide comfort and ease of walking.


picture of brown loafers on white bedsheet beside blue t-shirt

source: Shawn Pang on Unsplash

For the workdays when you have to match the business smart look, a pair of leather loafers in a neutral colour can save the day. These are comfortable flats that are classy, and timeless. Not only women, but men too love them. You can match these comfort flat shoes with literally any outfit such as a business suit (pants or skirt, shirt and jacket, a well-tailored dress, even with jeans). With a little creativity, these shoes can become part of every style – from business smart to relaxed and street fashion. However, make sure that they fit your right. Due to their narrow design, some loafers might not fit wider feet.

Ballerina Flats

picture of beige and black chanel ballerina flats on white with black lines background


A pair of ballerina flats can make your outfit look romantic and elegant with a touch of French style. These flats can literally work with anything you wear such as summer dress, shorts and a T-shirt, jeans, trousers and even business smart suit. Just pick your favourite colour, design and texture and you will conquer the world.

And the best thing is that there is no suitable age for ballerina shoes. Twenty-somethings, mature women, teenage girls, even kids can wear them.
These shoes are the epitome of flat, But if you have a hard time to walk in such flat shoes, be sure to pick a model of with a bit of a raised heel and supportive insoles.

Statement Flats

picture of statement shoes in silver color on a blue background with flowers all around

source: Tyron Harkiss-Foster on Unsplash

Statement flats are for the women who are bold and want to let their shoes tell a story before they even say something. Your statement flats can have a simple design, but the colours can make them pop, adding a tasteful accent to a simple outfit. For instance, you can wear a simple black dress and pick a pair of silver or gold coloured flats – and voila, now your shoes work as a piece of jewellery. Or you can pick something unique such as flats with studs, tassels, rhinestones, a mix of colours, or a bold pattern. Any pair of flats that have their own “personality” and catch the attention will do their magic.

Work Flats

picture of bluish leather flats on blue and pink box and peaches around

source: Irene Kredenets on Unsplash

Although loafers can be the perfect choice for your workdays, work flats are something else. You can pick them based on your needs (depending on how long you stand when you work, or the type of outfits you wear). Your work flats should be comfortable and easy to walk or run in (when you need to file that report fast), without having to deal with pain in your joints, heels and toes when you get home.

These shoes should be dressy to match the outfits you wear at work, and yet they should be comfy enough to help you go through your day.
If your job doesn’t require a specific dress code though, you can easily choose posh, trendy or colourful work flats.

Flat Boots

picture of brown flat boots on a white  chair over a magazine and sunglasses on the side

source: Jess @ Harper Sunday on Unsplash

We all love boots, and we all know that they should be comfortable, warm and dry. Flat leather boots are ideal for rainy days when you need to walk but also keep your feet dry and warm. Flat boots are so great that you can wear them with literally anything you want from jeans, skirts, dresses, even with leggings. Choose your favourite model (ankle boots, knee-high, thigh-high) in a neutral colour such as black, brown, grey or beige (if you don’t have trouble cleaning them) and wear them with pride. And if you’re into line dancing, consider choosing the right dancing cowboy boots.


green flat leather oxfords shoes in a box and a white background

source: Irene Kredenets on Unsplash

If you’re into something more sophisticated and yet comfortable, then a pair of Oxfords can bring you versatility and style. The timeless look with the laces in the front is perfect for literally any occasion. You can choose various designs such as entirely flat or t-strap. These are ideal to be paired with jeans and pants, suits, skirts and dresses and even street fashion (check out those bloggers for more inspiration).