Ideas on How to Add Just the Right Doze of Novelty to Your Style

Whenever there are two extremes that naturally oppose each other, there are those people who agree with neither and would rather say they fall somewhere in the middle. This is true for so many things in life, fashion and style too. Within the last few years, it seems like we saw it all. It’s almost as if someone took every possible style ever and put them all together in a blender. Out of the box is no longer a phrase that signifies uniqueness, on the contrary, nowadays, everything is so out of the box, that the box is the new out, I guess… But if you would still rather make a few interesting statements with your outfits, there are still a few hidden gems that you can play with. One or two items can be more than enough for achieving the perfect middle ground if chosen right.

Western wear1

Add a Touch of Masculinity

This element can be pulled off in many different ways. You can, for instance, combine combat boots with a dress, an oxford shirt with tight jeans or womens western cowboy boots with a casual or some more delicate dress. These trick can totally change the vibe of your look and render it next level in the blink of an eye. Womens western cowboy boots can not only break the monotony by adding a touch of masculinity, but also make the whole outfit a bit more flirty and cool.

Western wear3

Drape It Till You Make It

This trick will cost you nothing while succeeding to successfully make your outfit appear more expensive. A draped jacket over the shoulders is a chic way to say I speak the language of fashion and I’m not afraid to show it. Also, the jeans and sneakers combo can look totally different if you throw a blazer over the whole thing. You can also elevate the look of a maxi dress with a blazer too and make it look more professional and classy rather than romantic. Or you can give in to the seductive power of Parisian chic and pair a striped tee with a classic navy blazer. This will make you look stylish, but in an effortless way and don’t forget the red lipstick for a touch of playfulness.

Turban Stands for Truly Urban

While it’s true that hats have the power to amp the style a notch or two, the classic wide brim hat or a beanie aren’t exactly something unexpected. Turbans, on the other hand, can turn some heads while not being too much to handle. And let’s not forget to mention how fun they are to wear! Can you wear a bow on your head without smiling?