Few Ideas On Finding The Best Kitchen Cooktop

Kitchen cooktops are becoming must-have appliances in contemporary kitchens. Cooktop that is a separate unit from the oven, gives you a great flexibility and more free space in the kitchen. Getting one is a worthy investment.

When it comes to updating or replacing an old cooktop, you need to take your time and do a thorough research and consider all available options. The two most common models are a gas and an electric kitchen cooktops, with the traditional gas cooktop being the most popular choice of Australian homeowners. However, there are other cooktop types. Familiarize yourself with each (specifications, dimensions, details, pros and cons).


To help you get and stay on the right track, here are few ideas on how you can find the best cooktop for your kitchen.

Types Of Kitchen Cooktops – Choosing between different types is certainly easier said than done. Here are the most common ones worth the attention.

  • Gas cooktop has always been the most popular type. It has a visible flame that allows you to have a complete control over the heat output. Cooking with gas is the top choice of many culinary enthusiasts, professional cooks and renowned chefs, not only because of its cost-efficiency, but also because it is a fun experience. Some other major advantages of gas kitchen cooktops are more accurate heat control and fast response time.
  • Electric kitchen cooktops are perfect for average households. These are known for their low purchase and operating costs and are usually compared to gas cooktops. Electric cooktops may not be as responsive and controllable as gas cooktops, but they are still a common choice of all those who do not seek accurate control that much. One big advantage of electric cooktops is their tendency to heat faster and their unique low-heat cooking ability.
  • Induction cooktops, although relatively new, are quickly becoming popular due to their design. Featuring a smooth, glass surface and being electrically-powered, induction kitchen cooktops are the future of cooktops, that’s a sure thing. They use magnetism to detect where the pan is and their surface remains cool until there is a connection with a pan. In addition to being the most expensive cooktops available on the market, they require a special magnetic cookware.


Consider Size – Once you choose the type, determine what size will fit your kitchen best. Kitchen cooktops vary in sizes, from compact 30-inch models to 48-inch cooktops for commercial use. The size of your cooktop depends on your available kitchen space, the number of burners you want and additional features you may want.

Set Your Budget – Determining how much you are willing to spend on a new cooktop is a must-do. Cooktops range from hundreds to thousands of dollars and everything depends on how much you are prepared to spend. The price of kitchen cooktops varies between brands, models and features. Electric cooktops are least expensive, while the newer induction cooktops come with costly price tags.