Ideas for Packing and Shipping – Present Your Product in the Best Possible Way

shipping and packaging supplies

For many small retailers and businesses, making a plan for packing and shipping their products is often at the bottom of their list when it comes to providing quality service to their customers. One of the common mistakes that many of them make is putting the entire focus on the products they offer and neglecting packaging and shipping right until the products need to be delivered, which oftentimes has a lot of negative consequences.

Consider Materials

Depending on the goods being shipped, the packaging needs to be durable, protective and easy to mail. This doesn’t mean finding an empty box big enough to shove the product into, but it rather includes using the right type of shipping and packaging supplies for each product to ensure a smooth delivery. Research suggests that when delivered to the customer’s doorstep, the packaging of the product is what leaves the first impression of the company is. For that very reason, you need to pay great attention to such details and choose high-quality shipping and packaging supplies. Consider adding your logo to the box with a sticker or stamp. If you are an eco-friendly company, consider using boxes that are made from recycled materials.

Make Sure it Travels Well

The products that you ship need to be able to travel from point A to B with none to minimal damage. So, if your product is fragile or bulky you will need to package it in a way that it doesn’t get damaged. Fragile items should be packed in double corrugated boxes with padded paper and bubble wrap which should be able to absorb any shocks that may occur during the transition. If the product is going to be sitting on a retail shelf, special considerations are necessary, as a UV treated coat. It is always more cost-effective in the long run to pay for the adequate protective package in the first place than to replace damaged goods later on. Keep this in mind when choosing your package.

Don’t Forget the Size

Before choosing your packaging supplies, it is a good idea to measure your products. Once you’ve done this, add about 5 cm to each of the dimensions to get the ideal box size for your products. This will ensure that you have room to wrap each product and fill the box with extra padding so that your goods are well protected while in transit.

Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things that you didn’t do than by the ones you did do.