Bakery Equipment: Why Getting a Bread Moulding Machine Is Such a Great Idea

You might have the recipe for delicious, crispy, artisan types of bread, but do you have all the ingredients needed for running a successful bakery? It’s no secret that the recipe of a great bakery consists of equal parts skilled bakers, fresh ingredients and quality equipment. When it comes to the first two parts, if you’re a passionate baker, you probably have them covered. In that case, picking the right equipment may be the trickiest part for you.

bread moulding machine

Well, you probably have already invested in all the standard bakery equipment such as mixers, ovens, and dough proofers. After all, these machines are crucial for creating products that are evenly baked and have a mouthwatering smell, texture and taste, However, a successful bakery needs to deliver products that appeal to all senses, including sight. For that reason, you should consider adding a bread moulding machine to your collection of equipment.

With the help of a bread moulder, you can create a variety of perfect shapes including finger rolls, small rolls, cobs, French rolls and other types of bread in a matter of seconds. The results produced by a bread moulding machine have the distinct look of hand-kneaded bread with as much as “twists” and decorative details as you want. But because you aren’t kneading the bread by hand, you can save a lot of energy and time which can be invested in creating more complex types of pastries.

Besides allowing you to save valuable time and energy, a bread moulder can also help you deliver consistent results. Once you program the machine to produce a desired bread loaf, there’s no room for mistakes and inconsistencies. All the breads that come out of this machine will be precisely equal in size and shape. The bread moulder usually allows you to create products that range from a minimum 20g in size to a maximum of 1500 g, making it ideal for all kinds of all kinds of operations.

Additionally, using a bread moulder can also be more sanitary as there’s no need to manipulate the dough by hand. However, you do need to keep the machine clean in order to make sure you don’t break any health and safety standards. Luckily, that’s usually not a problem considering that the moulder is made of stainless steel which is a sanitary material and has an open construction which makes it easy to clean and maintain.

And finally, a bread moulding machine can be a great investment even for a bakery that has been running successfully for years. With its help, you can expand your existing product range to feature various intricate artisan bread loaves beside the traditional loaf. By offering your customers unique products that they can’t get elsewhere, you can set your business apart from the rest of the competition.