Ideas for Installing an Outdoor Spa – Considering All the Details That Matter

We, Australians, consider ourselves among the luckiest people on this planet because we are blessed to have such delightfully pleasant weather for the better part of the year. As a matter of fact, we’re living in the sunniest continent on Earth and it would be a shame if we didn’t use this advantage to the fullest and optimize our outdoor spaces for some fine relaxation and entertainment. And what better way to do so than with adding the pinnacle of leisure and enjoyment – an outdoor spa?

Without a doubt, a spa is a glorious outdoor addition, but if you don’t take your time to make the right pick and blend it properly into the surroundings, there’s little chance it will fulfill your expectations. Here are just some things to consider before you dive headfirst into making a purchase.

4 Person Spa

Size Matters

First, ask yourself how do you plan to use your spa? If you only need it for remedial massage, health reasons, or simply want a visual feature, a two-person model might be enough. But if you want to use it for some wholesome family fun or entertainment, a 4 person spa for sale can ideally suit your needs. It’s important not to choose something that will be too large, as heating and maintaining it will cost more money. Generally speaking, a 4 person spa for sale can also comfortably fit 6 people, depending on their size.

Pick the Perfect Spot

Spas are a big investment that you will naturally want to show off. Plus, when it is the focal spot, a spa makes for a gorgeous invitation to enjoy your outdoor space. Don’t tuck it around a corner, but bring it close to the main entertaining space. Also don’t install it too far from the home, as there’s nothing more unpleasant then being all wet and having to make a long walk into the house on a chilly night.

Don’t Forget Safety

Another big consideration point is safety. Before having your spa installed, it’s a good idea to get informed about Australia’s pool regulations as they apply to outdoor spas as well. For one, all spas need to be warded off with a 1200 millimetre high non-climbable fencing with a self-closing gate that complies with the Australian Standard AS 1026. But don’t worry, you can install glass fencing which is barely noticeable and will help open up the spa to its surroundings. Also pay attention that there aren’t any climbable ledges within 900 millimetres off the barrier.

Additional Features

Designing your dream spa can be a lot of fun considering all the different features you can add to it. With the help of floating concrete plinths, spillovers of four-sided wet edges, intricate mosaic tiles on the bottom, and other additional improvements, you can take the look of your spa to another level. There are also many technological features you can add to improve your entertaining experience – ranging form colourful LED lights, to surround sound systems, and even built-in TVs.