Beating the Winter Blues: Ideas for Making Your Home Brighter

Though it’s still summer, and there are more warm sunny days ahead, it doesn’t hurt discussing winter in terms of interior décor. Yes, the winter blues have started affecting more and more people in our country, particularly the southern parts of Australia, known as SAD (seasonal affective disorder), the disorder happening due to decreased light exposure.


Among other tips to beat the winter blues, there’s also the one that has to do with brightening the interior of one’s home. This is something Scandinavians are experts in doing so, and we can take their example by implementing more of the Scandinavian design elements in our homes.

While the more windows (and the bigger they are!) the better, in case you don’t have as many as you’d like, you can still pull a trick and fool the eyes with art. If you can’t afford paintings, fret not, that’s what print and poster art is here for. From those inspired by nature, landscapes, and different shapes, to portraits, all options in a variety of colours, it shouldn’t take you long to find the artwork to decorate your home with.


Along with using print and poster art to substitute windows, it’s advisable to also make use of reflection as much as you can. This can be achieved with the help of mirrors, as well as bare floors, strategically reflecting the window brightness. You get bonus decorating points in the form of intricate mirror frames, and hardwood floor tiles that further bring warmth and texture to the interior.

Next up, the choice of interior colours. If you think the effects of colours on our mood are something made up, think again. The fact we still talk about Scandinavian minimalism as a trend in 2018 goes to show there’s more than it appears. Warm, soft neutrals dominate Scandinavia interiors which immediately makes them airy, and comfortable.


Whether it’s the colour of furniture, the textiles and patterns over the furniture, curtains, floors, decorating pieces, or lighting fixtures, the colour you choose can make or break the interior (and your mood), so stick to soft neutrals instead. The same goes for the choice of bulbs too.

It’s needless to say, a bright home is one that has proper lighting, and with the vast options of bulbs nowadays, it may not always be easy to know what proper lighting actually is. Now that LEDs have become considerably affordable, they make for the ideal option, but be sure to choose the warm ones instead of the cold! Sticking to these ideas, the blues don’t seem so blue, right?