Ideas for Having Fun on a Trampoline Beyond Bouncing

Want to make full use of your precious outdoor space but don’t know how to make it more entertaining for the whole family? If you’ve always loved this valuable feature of your home, but never put it through much use as you should, then the simple addition of a trampoline can easily put the spotlight there where it belongs.

But, not just any would do – to make it equally appealing for kids and kids-at-heart, you need a spacious 14 feet trampoline that’s designed to stand up to the frequent pressure of bouncing and whatever the harsh Australian weather throws its way.

A wide, sturdy frame, a large mat of a great size for better weight capacity and superior bouncing height are some of the qualities you can count on with such a yard investment. And you won’t have to worry about safety if you get a product with safety padding and enclosure netting.

What seems like mere fun of trampolining, in fact, offers a world of health benefits for you, from muscle strengthening and good cardiovascular boosting to the development of coordination and motor skills, and relieving stress and tension. Yet, with time, it’s easy to end up not using it to its full potential.

How Can I Make My Trampoline More Fun?

You’re in luck because we have some great ideas for activities you can do with this yard addition, so prepare to be inspired for the next summer season of trampoline fun.

Learn How to Do Easy Tricks

Simply bouncing can provide the benefits I mentioned, but it may turn out to be rather boring for you and the kids quite soon. To avoid getting stuck in a rut, why not take the trampolining to the next level by learning a few tricks? Before trying them out, I must point out you need to do a nice warmup to get your muscles and joints moving and make sure there’s no one around to avoid any accidents with kicking and injuring them.

You can make things more interesting by adding a few more steps and moves to your usual bounces, like raising the knees to the chest when up in the air, doing a straddle jump, a half or full jump, and when you’re ready a front drop and a backdrop before you can move on to backflip and side flip.

Buy Some Accessories

A basketball hoop on a trampoline

When you get a big 14 feet trampoline you get plenty of space that you can use with great accessories. For example, a specialised basketball hoop can make things much more interesting and turn your trampoline into a truly versatile object in your yard where you can practice all the slam dunks to your heart’s content. Don’t feel like that’s your cup of tea?

You can get a roof shade cover to maximise the usage of the trampoline even in those hours when the sun is shining at its brightest and spend time on it to do chalk drawing. Once everyone has had the chance to show off their artistic skills, you can jump off and check to see whose artwork stands up to the pressure the most.

Do a Sleepover That’s Anything but Traditional

Sleepover on a trampoline

What kid doesn’t love a good old sleepover, right? Well, you can add your own twist to it by preparing the sleeping bags and setting them out on the trampoline. What could be better than doing stargazing while relaxing on a comfy mat that feels like a hammock? You can further boost the aesthetics by acquiring 14 ft trampoline LED lights that could make for colourful night light shows with different mode settings, or you can add the roof cover to create a more soothing and warmer atmosphere.

Try Bounce Yoga

Yoga on a trampoline

Yoga with a bouncing twist? Sign me up! It’s the perfect strategy to make both kids and adults persistent in doing the moves and stretching while trying to balance on the trampoline. You can make matters even more fun by letting pets join you in the practice too! It may not seem like it, but it makes for an even more stress-free yoga activity that is sure to boost the laughter.

Let Imagination Run Wild

As kids love to have a little corner of their own where they can have the privacy to be in their own imaginary world, why not use the space of the large 14 foot trampoline to create a world of their own? Bring out all the bedding you have laying around, and start making a fort. One minute it could be a castle where they fight against dragons and enemy armies, and the next it could be a kitchen where they try and imitate you, creating some of your famous delicious meals. All with a nice bounce!

Create a Ball Pit

A trampoline filled with all sorts of soft colourful balls makes a nice home ball pit they’re sure to enjoy all summer round. What’s more, it saves you the trouble of trying to find some extra activity, as well as the money you’d otherwise spend going to an actual ball pit at a playground.