Ideas for Bringing Luxury to Your Living Room without Breaking Your Bank

Sure, there are always going to be important things to take care of interior-wise, whether that includes certain small or large scale repairs, replacements, or makeovers, and there’s always going to be something more important than the other, and in all this, it’s décor that’s usually considered an afterthought.

Even if there are important fixes to take care of in the bathroom, or kitchen, that doesn’t mean you can overlook the significance of the living room décor makeover – after all, it’s the place in the home where décor most comes out highlighted. Lucky for you, with these simple ideas, you can bring the much needed luxury without worrying about finances, and get a timeless look as a result.


Luxury equals art, art equals luxury – you can’t have one without the other; however, that doesn’t have to mean going for expensive pieces when you can buy framed prints; that way you can afford to get the desired colourful outcome.

Great news is the choices of prints you can come across are vast, particularly online, with a variety of artists, styles, and colours put together, providing you with the chance to quickly make your pick from landscapes, nature, or abstract elements to surround yourself with, letting taste lead the way.

When you buy framed prints, you can easily create a living room focal point that makes a statement, defines the area, in terms of style, and colour, and binds it all together. Just make sure you also take your room’s size into consideration, so you can decide on the prints’ size most suitable for the ambiance – the last thing you want is visual clutter.

Speaking of clutter, you can’t go overboard with items, and collections in the space either. I’m sure you’re aware by now as to how much of an influential force minimalism has been in the last few years, particularly its simplicity, and sophistication. Do some cleanup, getting rid of everything that could be sorted as clutter, keep the rest, and make the living room as open, airy, and bright as possible to make its style pop.


You can achieve a brighter ambiance with the help of mirrors, especially those with intricate vintage frames (vintage always brings a sense of opulence), and of course, carefully chosen lighting fixtures that harmoniously fit with the surroundings. A candle or two wouldn’t hurt either.

Another way you can inject your living room with luxury is through the use of textures, and materials. Don’t be afraid to have fun mixing them up. Even if you don’t think wood, plastic, and metal go well together, implement them through different pieces, and you’d be surprised. This goes for fabrics as well. Now, are you ready to welcome sophistication in your living room?