Minimalist Interior: Ideas for Decorating with Succulents

It’s no surprise the growth of the minimalist trends has reached a world scale, and it’s not surprising either it still hasn’t wanted like other trends. Minimalism brings openness to our homes, makes them airy, more welcoming, and warm, and at the same time teaches us valuable lessons on simplicity, sophistication, how to implement the “less is more” motto in life, and how to appreciate nature by using its charms in our very interior.

Speaking of nature, this can be in the form of materials used for the furniture designs, as well as relying on plants for decoration. The minimalism trend can be divided into trends of its own, and such is the case with succulents that are much preferred when decorating an interior the minimalist way, which is exactly the purpose of this post – to give you the ideas on how to spice things up with your home décor, using succulents. So what do you do? First, buy succulent plants in bulk.



As you’d come to know, the world of succulents is vast, and while many of us consider succulents the same as cacti, all cacti are succulents, but not all succulents are cacti. The great news is, along with their lovely looks, they make it a piece of cake to take care of them.

They love dry soil, so if you have the reputation of serial plant killer, this is the type of plants to pile up on. When you get on with the purchase and buy succulent plants in bulk, be Adenium picotee, Peperomia caperata rosso, Crassula capitella among them, you can count on success as long as you plant them in well-drained soil, and use an organic succulent potting mix.

Now then, to the ideas on decoration. If you want to add a bit of vintage charm, and an air of mystery at that, you could rely on the beauty of a cage that you can fill up with succulents. The cage can be in any size, depending on the area where you intend to use it, and the number of succulents you decide to incorporate in it.

Just fill up the cage with moss, to create a basis, then add the succulents. You could also use planters instead of moss to make watering easier for you. As soon as this is complete, hang the cage in the garden, hallway, or use it on top of the bookshelf. If you have space, you could create a succulent area using a number of cages.


The table, and desk areas, or even a TV unit at that, also make for the ideal spots for succulents. For this, you could create terrariums on your own. All you need is a quart-size mason jar, porous pebbles, moss, soil, potting mix, and the succulents. You can start by creating a base with the pebbles, covering them up with moss, potting mix, then add the soil and succulents.

Furthermore, you can customise your succulent decoration by using items you find charming enough to be used as planters; for instance, vintage glasses make a perfect choice. All you have to do is use the same ingredients as with the jar, and you’d have your vintage succulent decoration. Glassy orbs also make for a unique and eye-catching look. Fun to create, easy to look after, and appealing to look at; what’s not to like?