Ideas For Best Maintenance Regime For Mobile Cranes

The mobile crane is extremely flexible and versatile machine which is used heavily in the construction sector. It is capable to lift and move materials from one place to another, even in small and confined areas. The biggest benefit of the mobile crane is that it can move from one place to another even when loaded.


As known, the work at the construction site involves risks of accidents which can cause serious injuries and even death. As mobile cranes are often used close to other workers on the site, the law states that certain rules must be followed when a mobile crane is being used. These rules involve crane inspection and proper maintenance. For that reason, no matter if you own or rent a mobile crane, you must create a maintenance regime for safe and proper use. Here are few ideas to help you out:

  • Specify a person who will be responsible for the maintenance process;
  • Develop a maintenance plan or schedule;
  • Write down the maintenance procedures;
  • Keep your maintenance records;
  • Make sure your have a review and audit plan to ensure that the maintenance is done properly and regularly;
  • Checks and inspections before every operation. This involves visual checks that need to be performed on site to ensure that the equipment is safe for operation;
  • In-service inspections and maintenance. These inspections are performed to identify whether the components need to be repaired or replaced;
  • Thorough examinations. Performed during specific intervals, usually after a heavy-duty task or after repair work;
  • Supplementary testing. Performed as a part of the previous examination with a purpose to identify any hidden problems;
  • Investigation of excessive wear of failure. This investigation is performed to identify excessive, unexpected or unusual wear, or failure of the mobile crane components. Thus, this investigation may require an engineering assessment, manufacturer involvement and must be fully documented.

If you own a mobile crane, it is up to you to perform the needed testings and inspections. If you decide to rent a mobile crane, the maintenance is delegated to the equipment owner. However, it is your responsibility to ensure that the mobile crane will be used in the best possible manner.

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