I Get the Kicks Out of Sleek: An Idea for Creating a Living Room of a Diva

How do you envision the living space of someone who has it all? Lots and lots of objects in all possible colours? – Wrong. A person of high style and taste knows the power of less and this precisely is the lesson you’ll read here today. And don’t get me wrong, you don’t have to have it all, just the eagerness to develop a keen eye for simple style where every piece seamlessly incorporates both aesthetics and function.

The number one enemy to this refined living room design is clutter, so before anything else, you need to get rid of everything that doesn’t serve a meaningful purpose to you. In some cases, if an item has function, but it takes up more space than necessary, you might want to consider replacing it with a new one. For instance, a bulky sofa could easily take up more than necessary and compared to a compact accent chair, it’s bulkiness doesn’t make the cut.

entertainment cabinet

Or it could be a traditionally looking entertainment unit, 3 times bigger than your TV itself. In order to create a truly beautiful sleek living room, items like these must go. Luckily, you can easily find entertainment cabinet in minimalist style, with enough storage space and design that frees your space while holding the weight of your TV. Clean lines and white colour is what you ought to look for if you want to get that crisp Scandinavian design living room look. And since TVs are usually black, you’ll get that nice b&w contrast.

The same goes for choosing a carpet and a coffee table. There should be contrast and no vibrant colours, please. Of course you can later on put an intriguing vase with flowers in colours as vibrant as you wish, but the base for the exposure of their beauty must be black, white, beige or gray. What you need to be careful about is not to create monotony, but contrast, so if the coffee table is in a brighter hue, choose a simple dark carpet and vice versa.

If you’re still not convinced how hip simplicity is, just take a look at the timeless fashion icons and how trey used to incorporate the magic of elimination within their personal style, such as Audrey Hepburn and Coco Chanel. They knew the power of waving bye bye to clutter and used its full potential to look as glum as possible and I’m sure than after redefining your home’s design this way, you’ll also reconsider the inside of your closet. Am I right or am I right?