Home Décor Ideas: Introduce Art into Your Home from Walls to Floors

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When it comes to interior aesthetics, homeowners often focus primarily on choosing the furniture and the lighting solutions, leaving home accessories and decorative items for the final touch. The functionality of your living space is important, but make sure to not underestimate the power of art and incorporate artwork into your home.

Art is an integral part of the human being and one of the most visceral things you can introduce into your home. It has the power to elevate the ambience and change the look and feel of any room. Simply put, art can transform your home and goes beyond just adding decoration or bringing colour into any space. There are many different ways to bring art to your living environment, and here are a few ideas you may find inspiring.

Bring the Charm of Nature into Your Home with Wall Prints

Sunset art prints

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Landscape prints are a particularly versatile choice of art. These days landscape art prints are gaining more popularity than ever and for a few reasons. They’re most often relied upon to visually expand a room or to make it more ambient and rejuvenating.

Landscapes are diverse and mesmerising, from the lush green rain forests to the high mountains and raging deep seas, from the glowing sunsets to the grey cloudy skies, there is something beautifully satisfying about this genre of art.

For centuries, the human race has been hooked by landscape art, whatever the medium. Landscape paintings often evoke a certain mood or emotion within humans. When looking at a painting with a sunset, you can often feel warmth because you’ve experienced that moment in reality. Most often, landscape art doesn’t contain a humanistic element, but still, it provides you with an emotional experience that’s different to other subject matter, regardless of age, race, gender or nationality.

If you want to add personal character to your living space, you can adorn your walls with landscape art prints as they can create a strong emotional connection and have an intense effect on mood and emotions. The landscape is a timeless subject matter and a great way to bring a bit of nature into your home and enrich the existing interior aesthetics.

Typically described as a painting or photograph in which the subjects are of nature, demonstrating the beauty of nature, be it calming, surreal or fierce. Landscape art is grouped into three categories – representational, impressionistic and abstract. Each one of them has its own characteristics, varying colours, lighting and props placed in the image.

Depending on your personal preferences, you can choose whatever suits your living environment best and will let you express yourself and encourage dialogue as well. From illustrative art prints to digital art, art is the best way to accentuate your home aesthetics.

Match Your Flowers with the Right Vase


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Maybe you’ve never thought about it that way, but there is an art to matching flowers to the perfect vase. And what’s better than a handmade vase to create a real impact? Just make sure to consider the size of the vase when selecting one. The general rule of thumb is that the length of the flower stems shouldn’t be more than one and a half to two times the height of the vase.

The purpose of a vase is more than just serving as a water source for cut flowers. It helps a flower arrangement keeps its form for the most attractive display and support blooms in the best position. Your vase can easily become a focal point for a dining or buffet table, coffee table, entryway, restroom or any other location in your home.

If your interior has a minimalist style, you can go for plain and neutral-coloured vases. Most of them match well with all sorts of flowers and are created with durable materials like natural terracotta, brass, terrazzo and clay. You can choose a handmade vase and revive your home décor even with just a few simple blooms. Here are a few tips that can help you make the right choice.

  • Column vases are tall and complement the elegance of long-stemmed flowers
  • Round or oval vases can be placed on console tables to enrich the look elegant and simple spaces
  • Bud vases are a great choice for displaying individual stems or a bundle of small blooms
  • Rectangular vases are a perfect match for modern interiors
  • Colourful vases are eye-catching and can easily and can create a beautiful atmosphere in an interior
  • Vases with sculptural designs are a nice addition to eclectic interiors

Choose a vase that will note be too crowded with stems, so there will be enough room for the water needed to keep the flowers vibrant. When it comes to colours, clear vases are quite popular, but a colour vase can be a great choice, too, as long as it coordinates with the flowers and the overall décor of the room.

Add Timeless Versatility with Modern Rugs

Modern floor rug

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Your choice of flooring is important, but nothing brings more warmth to a room than a carefully chosen rug. Modern floor rugs are some of the most popular accessories as they can bring the space together easily. Look for artisan craftsmanship and natural fibres that embody the creative whims and inspirations of their designers. They can create a casual sensibility in your living space and complement the texture and tones of the existing décor scheme.

Modern rugs usually come in neutral, earthy colours, but they can make a big statement in a room. Your choice of rug can bring refreshment and personality to any room, whether you decide to place it in the centre or layer several rugs for a cosier appearance. Whatever your choice, selecting your rug(s) is an amazing way to play with various textures and styles.