Parenting Ideas: How to Choose a Nursing Chair

Creating a comfortable and serene nursery is essential for both you and your baby. While the crib, blackout curtains and wall colours can soothe and make your baby feel comfortable while lying on the soft and firm mattress, the nursery chair is paramount for your comfiness.

Although you can choose from a plethora of different nursery modern chairs and rockers, your focus should be set on the model’s comfort. No one can replace you during all those long and frequent night breastfeeding sessions (especially during the first two months), so choosing a quality, stylish but above all comfortable nursing feeding chair can be a lifesaver.

pink nursing chair with decorative pillows near baby's bed


What Makes a Good Nursing Chair?

Choose Between Rocker and Glider

The two most common types of nursery chairs are gliders and rockers and the main difference between them is in the way they move. A rocking chair rocks in an arc, while a glider moves forwards and backwards in a fixed position. When comparing both of these chairs, gliders make gliding smoother and it’s impossible to get your toes trapped underneath it, which is quite common with rocker chairs.

Comfy, Firm and Wide Seat

Since comfort is of utmost importance, make sure your chosen modern nursing chair is comfortable and soft, yet firm. You also don’t want to sit down on an extremely soft cushion that will make getting back up a struggle. That being said, the ideal type of cushioning would be a denser foam or a cushion with springs. You should also make sure that the seat of the chair is wide enough in order to have some extra room to move around and find your perfect breastfeeding/cuddling position.

If it’s easier for you to breastfeed with a nursing pillow, it’s recommended that you take that into account when choosing a modern nursing chair. This will not only make things easier during the first several months but also later on when your baby gets bigger. In other words, by choosing a chair for nursing with a wider seat, you won’t have a problem breastfeeding your baby throughout the entire breastfeeding journey.

nursing pillow with grey stars on a nursing chair


Supportive Cushioning

The chosen chair should also have supportive cushioning in order to add to the overall comfort. So, when looking for the perfect breastfeeding chair for you, you should also consider the idea of having cushioned arms and a back that is high enough to support your neck and head. Some of these chairs can also come with lumbar pillow support from which you can benefit a lot.

Quality and Durable Fabric

Let’s be honest, it’s almost impossible to have your nursery chair free of spills and spit-ups. So, when looking for the right chair, pay attention to the fabric. There are lots of nursery chairs on the market made from different fabrics and colours, but the key is to choose one that is easy to clean and maintain. Practice shows that woven fabrics are perfect for the purpose as they won’t fray and are extremely easy to clean. If possible, make sure to choose one that is washable, so you can spot clean it with a damp cloth.

Some Extra Features to Look for

Locking Mechanism

When choosing a glider, you can opt for one that comes with a locking mechanism that will prevent it from moving when needed. On the other hand, some rockers with a wooden construction can come with an extra set of straight legs that can give you the option to convert it into a classical accent chair and place it anywhere you want.

glider in baby's room


Swivel Function

If you want, you can also opt for a glider with a 360-degree swivel function. This will help you rotate the chair in any direction you want, and can help you reach for things close to you without having to get up. This can be quite helpful in those times when your teething baby is finally asleep and you need to take something without waking them up.


Having a nursery chair with a footrest is crucial in those times when you want to rest a little in the nursery room. Elevating your feet while breastfeeding or putting your baby to sleep is essential, as it can take the pressure and discomfort off your lower back. That way you can settle deeper into the chair. The ideal solution to this problem would be choosing an ottoman that is in the same style line. Both ottomans and chairs can double the purpose when not used anymore in the nursery. The ottoman can even be used when it’s still needed in the nursery since it’s smaller and easily portable.