Get the Basic Idea on What to Look for When Shopping for Roof Racks

holden colorado roof racks

Even though the Colorado Holden is one of the better and more spacious vehicles available on Australia’s market, it still lacks the storage capacity for an entire family or group of friends looking to go on a weekend getaway adventure. That being said, the only way to expand the available storage is by investing in a roof rack.

A roof rack is an affordable accessory that significantly expands the storage on any vehicle, excluding vehicles with a soft top. Most factory 4x4s come with already installed rails which make installing roof racks much easier. However, before you buy any roof rack, there are a couple of things you need to consider. Some of the things you need to consider include compatibility, durability and the type of roof rack.

In order to make sure your roof rack is compatible with your Holden, you should look for Holden Colorado roof racks for sale that are suited for your model, make and year. That way, you ensure a perfect fit and that renders the installation process much easier. Moreover, when looking for Holden Colorado roof racks for sale specifically, you’ll weed out the models that don’t match, making the search much less time consuming and more efficient.

When it comes to durability, most roof racks are made of aluminium. The main reason aluminium is the metal of choice is because it’s lightweight, yet durable. When putting a lot of extra items on top of your vehicle, you want to save on the weight wherever you can, which in this case is the roof rack itself. Furthermore, a layer of another metal alloy is added to promote corrosion, rust and UV light resistance.

The most commonly used type of roof rack are the rain gutters. These consist of load bars, a crossbar system and a gutter foot pack. Their main advantage lies within the simplicity of installation. However, if your Holden doesn’t have a pre-installed gutter rails, you’ll have to install those as well.

Next, there are raised rails, which are usually factory installed and run from the front to rear outer edges of the room. The only thing you need is a load bar and a foot pack. Raised rails are usually universal and very versatile, as they allow the user to freely place the crossbar. Moreover, they’re adjustable for different load sizes and easy to install, which makes them a great choice for people who aren’t very DIY-savvy.

Lastly, there are flush rail racks, which are also factory installed. These racks are fit flush to the roof and have no space between them and the roof. Their groove accommodates the crossbar system however the user wants to, similarly to raised rails. Flush rails are also adjustable for a variety of load sizes and easy to install.

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