Ideas on How to Improve Your Off-Road Experience

4 X 4 Accessories

Any truck can be easily converted to an off-road beast, regardless of whether it comes with the right setup or not. Off-road 4 x 4 accessories are easy to come across, relatively inexpensive and easy to install. Most of the time trucks already have the necessary holes for a bumper installation, snorkel and fenders, and in this guide, we’ll talk about these three 4 X 4 accessories and how they can immensely improve your truck’s off-road performance.

The First Line of Defense – Bull Bars

The main purpose of the bumper is to protect the front of the vehicle from incoming debris, scratches when driving through small branches and brush. Moreover, you can use the bumper to push out other vehicles out of tough situations. There are several types of bull bars and while they all offer front end protection, each one of them has a different specialty.

Brush-guard bull bars cover the headlights, stock bumper and front grille. They wrap around to cover the front side lights as well and they’re intended to push tree limbs and small branches out of the way to prevent the radiator or grille from being punctured. Push bull bars are meant for helping push out a bogged-down SUV, truck or jeep out of sand, snow or mud. They’re similarly designed to brush bull bars. Light-bar bull bars are of great value to those who enjoy the thrill of night rides. These bull bars have additional spotlights mounted on the bull bar in front of the grille, usually placed at the height of the hood. They produce a lot of light and help illuminate the path in front of the vehicle.

They Came from Below!

Driving through rocky terrain increases the risk of having small rocks, debris and mud damage or just make your vehicle look dirty. This is where fenders come into play. They add functionality, fashion and style to your ride. There are many different styles to choose from, some are for aesthetic purposes, others for function. Fenders come in tough and durable plastic, usually moulded by ABS, making it stronger then fiberglass. They’re not only beneficial to you, but for others on the same road as you, as they prevent the tyres from kicking up detritus, liquids, mud and sand.

Breathe with Me

I think we can all agree that breathing clean and oxygen-rich air is difficult in dusty areas. Your truck feels the same. It needs a clean flow of oxygen to the engine in order to perform its best. If it is not able to do so the conventional way, adding a snorkel will definitely help. The purpose of the snorkel is simple – it raises the air intake levels, reduces the chance of dust and water from entering your engine, and provides cooler air for your engine. Besides their huge functionality, snorkels look so cool that some people install them just for the looks.

Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things that you didn’t do than by the ones you did do.