Get an Idea of What You’ll Need When Organizing Your Baby’s First Birthday Party

It’s finally time to organize your baby’s first birthday party after months of sleep deprivation, tons of diaper changes, and a million giggles. Your little one may not be aware of their first big day, but you definitely will be. And the photos of your little one wearing a “1st Birthday” hat will be priceless in the future.

First Birthday Party Ideas

These get-togethers are as much about the parents as they are about the kids. Since it’s been a year of amazement, growth, and change, it’s time for you to celebrate uniquely.

The Perfect Cake for the Sweetest Party

Winnie the pooh first birthday cake on table

For some parents, the best part of throwing a first birthday party is the lovely face their baby makes when they taste their first bite of cake, in most cases, their first taste of sugar! Having the perfect chocolate, vanilla or fruit cake is important, so if you are short of time and still looking for the perfect cake, buy the birthday cake online and have it safely delivered straight to your party.

Watching your baby blow their first candle is another enjoyable and emotional event. Be careful, though, as when one-year-olds are thrilled, such as when a room full of people sings at them, they thrash their arms around. During the Happy Birthday song, keep the candle far enough away from them so they can’t reach it, then bring it closer when it’s time to blow it out.

Pick a Colourful & Fun Birthday Theme

jungle themed birthday party décor and birthday cake

You don’t have to stick to a theme, but it might help you focus on the colours, decorations, and other party details if you do. Even the youngest one knows about Old McDonald Had a Farm. Set up hay bales for seating, dress your youngster in overalls, buy a farm-themed birthday cake online, hand out party favours in metal buckets (to simulate milking pails), and have the older children play Duck Duck Goose.

Another fun option is the Over the Rainbow theme. Because children love colours, set out red, orange, yellow, green, blue, and purple party items and decorations. Make a rainbow cake with various layers for each colour and send everyone home with a CD mix of children’s music, beginning with your favourite rendition of “Somewhere Over the Rainbow.”

Winnie the pooh themed birthday party décor with birthday cake and sweets on table

Your baby’s birth season is probably your favourite season, so why not turn it into a theme for their first birthday party. Select a theme that corresponds to the season, such as a Snowflake Party for winter infants, Sprinkles and Sunshine for spring babies, Flower Power for summer babies, or Fall for autumn babies.

For a winter party, hang homemade paper snowflakes and serve snowman mashed potatoes and snowman sweets. Hang beautiful umbrellas from the ceiling at your spring party and cover cupcakes in blue sprinkles to simulate rain. Give Hawaiian leis favours and serve a flower-shaped birthday cake during the summer party. At the fall party, serve owl cupcakes and pumpkin-based snacks.

Your one-year-old doesn’t have to know about the unforgettable time the adults had at their first birthday party, thanks to the cocktails mama and papa served. Yes, you heard it right. Throw the party in the evening, serve upscale hors d’oeuvres, and pour adults a cocktail that complements the theme. Since children love grown-up things, give them mocktails. Make a pin-the-candle-on-the-cupcake game or a cupcake-shaped piñata. Opt for elegant cupcakes rather than silly ones.

Sent Gift-Themed Invitations

floral first birthday party invitations on table

Some parents may believe that they have received enough gifts from their friends and family in the previous year, mainly if they hosted baby showers or received gifts right after the child’s birth. You might write something on the invitations that say “your presence is gift enough” if you want attendees to know you don’t expect any more gifts.

You may also use the invitations to establish a gift theme. You may mention, for example, that you’re working on expanding your child’s library and that you’re hoping guests will bring a used book that their children no longer read as a present. When it’s time to open presents, you’ll most likely be preoccupied with your youngster. Have someone write down the presents and who gifted them so that you can write individualized thank you cards after the party is over.

Select Entertaining Games & Activities

baby having fun in ball pit at birthday party

As most first birthday parties include relatives and friends of all ages, you should prepare a variety of activities so that everyone can enjoy themselves, from the birthday baby to grandparents. While their older relatives play games such as musical chairs, a sectioned off space for soft play provides a safe and entertaining place for babies and toddlers to gather. Create a baby zone in the centre of the room by placing a soft mat in a corner or using click-together style baby gates. Fill the area with foam balls and soft blocks that babies can play with any time they need a break from the party’s chaos.

Everyone knows it’s impossible to outgrow the joy of blowing bubbles. Give each child a plastic cup, switch on a bubble machine, and challenge them to capture as many bubbles as possible. The birthday baby may require assistance, but they’ll be content to blow bubbles even if they don’t fully comprehend the concept. If you don’t possess a bubble machine-have some older children blow bubbles for the younger ones to catch!

Babies who can’t walk can still be part of a birthday parade as mum and dad can carry them. Distribute musical instruments and toys, and march guests around the room like a marching band. Your parade can also have a theme. A parade of youngsters holding plush animals, for example, could be part of a zoo-themed party. You can even include a pull wagon and ride-on toys if you have enough space.