Get an Idea of What Has Made Modular Construction So Popular

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There’s a lot of buzz around the world of modular construction nowadays, and that’s for some very good reasons. Many people are still sceptical when it comes to it and claim that modularly constructed buildings are far inferior to conventionally constructed ones. And while that may have been the case just 10 years ago, today, it’s actually quite the opposite.

Modular construction is performed in a climate-controlled environment, which completely removes the chances of weather-caused delays and issues. Additionally, the fact that most, if not all building supplies are stored in on-site warehouses means that there’s no chance of wet materials used when constructing modular homes. For this reason, you’ll find more and more modular buildings Australia wide.

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But that’s not the only reason why it’s modular buildings Australia business and homeowners prefer over conventionally constructed ones. Modular housing construction is incredibly flexible in terms of design. You have hundreds, if not thousands of different options and design possibilities that you can work out with with the help of the company that’s going to be manufacturing your home. You can pick from many different styles and construction specifications, including floor plans, style of siding or windows, elevations, bath fixtures, and anything else you want.

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Further, as briefly aforementioned, modular homes nowadays feature a better quality construction than conventionally constructed homes. This is due to the fact that modular homes are built in factories, so the companies building them can take advantage of tools that are unavailable to site builders, like custom manufactured jigs, for example, to ensure all floors, walls and ceilings are plumb and square. Moreover, interior walls can be lag-bolted to the exterior walls and insulation and bracing are installed on every electrical outlet box.

And most importantly, modular housing is designed and constructed in accordance with all building codes. Before construction begins, plans are reviewed by the state or country where they’re going to be sold. Plus, the company will call in third-party, licensed inspection agents to perform inspection while the building is in construction. Once everything is complete, the building is inspected and it is certified that it conforms to all building code provisions.

All of these benefits are slowly swaying more and more people towards the modular construction trend, and with more modular construction companies joining the market, what was once an expensive construction option is now becoming more affordable for everyone.

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