Get an Idea About How Aftermarket Exhausts Can Benefit Your Holden

Whether you’re trying to replace your Holden’s broken exhaust system, or you’re just looking to upgrade a working one, aftermarket Holden exhaust systems are much different than what you currently have. An aftermarket Holden performance exhaust can single-handedly improve how your Holden performs, sounds and looks. In order to get an idea on how aftermarket exhausts do this, you need to understand what they’re made of, and how.

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First and foremost, aftermarket Holden performance exhaust kits are made using aluminised, T304 or T409 stainless steel. All of these materials are much more durable than mild steel, which is what most stock exhaust systems are made of. Besides being more durable, these materials are rust resistant and perform better under extreme heat. Aluminised steel is also very lightweight, which can improve mileage and improve performance.

Secondly, aftermarket performance Holden exhaust tubes are manufactured using mandrel bending technology. This technology reduces the number of restrictions that the gasses have to pass through when entering and leaving the system. Stock exhaust tubes, on the other hand, are made using crush bending technology, which is quick and affordable, making the tubes lose structural integrity, thus impacting performance.

Then, aftermarket performance systems use mufflers that don’t necessarily look to reduce your engine’s noise. Stock exhaust system mufflers aim to reduce the noise that comes out of your Holden in order to appeal to a wider audience. So if you prefer your Holden having a deeper, gruntier growl, you can benefit from having an aftermarket exhaust system. With so many aftermarket exhaust kits available nowadays, you can easily find one that sounds just the way you want your Holden to sound.

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Furthermore, aftermarket exhaust systems generally use high-flow catalytic converters. These high-flow converters are much more efficient than conventional catalytic converters that are fitted onto stock exhaust systems, which again, allows the exhaust gasses to pass through quicker through the system and out in the atmosphere.

All of these benefits of aftermarket performance exhaust systems add up and result in more horsepower, throttle, and mileage. And last but not least, aftermarket performance exhaust systems can come with a variety of shapes, sizes, and finishes of exhaust tips, which can make your Holden stand out from the rest in terms of appearance. Exhaust tips can be oval, rectangular and even square. And when it comes to finishes, exhaust tips can be black, chrome, stainless steel, carbon fibre, and titanium, giving you a ton of options to pick from.

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