Advantages of Performance Exhaust Systems and Dump Pipes

If you aren’t satisfied with how your vehicle performs, and want to get more torque and horsepower out of your engine, the best way to change that is to look for a performance aftermarket exhaust system. Aftermarket exhaust systems are one of the most affordable and efficient ways to improve performance and fuel economy. This is especially true for vehicles that have forced induction and turbo, simply because when the throttle shuts in turbo engines, there’s a build-up of high pressure when the air is forced out of the turbo.


Aftermarket exhaust systems come with dump pipes that are wider in diameter and made using superior-quality materials like aluminised and stainless steel, unlike stock exhaust systems that are narrower and are made using cheap mild steel. Aluminised and stainless steel exhausts are also far more durable and have corrosion resistant properties, making them ideal for all types of driving.

The reason why dump pipes that have mandrel bend turns are superior to stock pipes is because they allow for the exhaust gases to flow more freely. Mandrel bends are made using special technology which reduces flow restriction. As a result, your turbo engine will breathe freely and the backpressure happening inside the exhaust system will be significantly reduced.

In order to clear things up about backpressure, imagine this: your engine isn’t burning fuel, so it isn’t using oxygen. This means that the turbo is under constant pressure, which can damage the turbo engine and the pipes, as it can split them apart by trying to rush backward through the turbo. This will cause a cluttering noise which is also known as compressure surge. The surge can force the turbine to spin in the opposite direction, and that can result in strained bearings.

Dump pipes are fitted onto the waste-gate, which is located right between the muffler and catalytic converter. As aforementioned, their purpose is to help the exhaust when your car’s turbo is reaching its full potential. They also help reduce turbo lag and make the turbo engine spin longer. And lastly, the pipes can change the way your vehicle sounds.

Buying the right aftermarket system and pipes is rather simple since most of them are designed for a particular vehicle model, make and year to ensure a proper pit. It’s highly advisable to consult with an experienced mechanic before you decide to make the purchase and see how much modification your vehicle will need to fit the new exhaust system, as it will likely be larger.

Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things that you didn’t do than by the ones you did do.