Floating Mats: The Best Idea for Never-Ending Fun in the Water

What Is a Floating Mat?

Floating mats, also known as floating water pads, are waterproof carpets that allow adults and children to walk, lie down, and even play on the water’s surface. They resemble regular pool floats, but they are larger and more exclusive. Moreover, the floating mat can serve as a floating island, but it doesn’t usually have seats, arms, or moulded-in backs.

Water mats can also be inflatable. The main difference between the two is that the floating mats are heavier and more durable than the inflatables. On the other hand, inflatable mats are more affordable as they are easier to inflate and more lightweight when compared with the floating design. Both can be used in a pool, river, lake, or bay. All you need to do now is toss it into the water and relax. To keep your mats from drifting away, you should use an anchor, tether, or latch. When using an anchor, make sure it’s weighted and attached to the mat with a bungee tether leash.

The best thing about water mats is that they come in different styles and sizes. So, you can now opt for a super-cool, tropical kids water mat Australia online stores offer or an LED glow raft, perfect for playing and lounging all summer long. Moreover, some inflatable floating mats contain a connecting zipper system that allows them to be connected to other floats.

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Things to Consider When Looking for the Ideal Water Mat


Besides keeping your babies cool in the summer, an ideal water mat should provide maximum safety. Being on the water can be dangerous, especially when you intend to use the floating mat in deep waters. Check to see if the mat is puncture and tear-resistant and the quality of the material used to make it. Choose a product with an anchor, tether, and grommets based on where and how you’ll use it. 

If you plan to use it on the open sea, you might want to choose a design with bright colours. This way, if something goes wrong, people or watercraft will be able to find you quickly. Because a floating water mat is used as a water platform, choose one that is buoyant and stable and won’t tip over or cause users to fall off. This is especially vital for kids’ water mats. 


Because most floating water pads are expensive, it’s essential to get one that’s built to last and won’t tear easily. You don’t want to keep spending money on a mat that you’ll use a couple of times before breaking apart. Therefore, when buying kids water mat Australia retail stores sell, check their warranty to ensure that the damage is covered. 


Another crucial element to consider is the material used to make your water floating mat. Select a product composed of high-quality XPE foam because it’s waterproof, age-resistant, and can be used in various situations. Furthermore, water mats can also be constructed of closed-cell foam. They’re incredibly buoyant and long-lasting. On the other hand, the inflatable ones are equally excellent, although they may not be so durable. 

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The more solid your mat is, the easier it will be for you to float, sit, or lay without falling. This is why a solid and stable floating mat is the ideal addition for adventurous activities. The best water mats allow you to do more than just lay down on them. Choose something sturdy enough for you to run and play while still allowing you to relax comfortably when you want to lie down and soak up the sun’s rays.

What’s more, some inflatable options may come with stabiliser fins to keep them stable. You might want to consider this criterion when looking for the best floating water mat for your family.

Size & Capacity

It’s no fun picking a floating water mat that can only hold a single or a few individuals. To get the most of it on your next vacation, go for a bigger water mat that has more weight capacity. This way, more people can enjoy it, and you may participate in more activities.

The most common size for a water mat is 18 by 6 feet. However, larger sizes are also available. Up to three adults can be accommodated on a 9-foot-long water mat, whereas an 18-foot-long mat may accommodate 12 people. To bring more people with you, opt for a mat that can be joined to another one. 


When it comes to portability, you’ll want a water mat that is easy to care for. You already have many items to pack for your next vacation, and you’d prefer something that’ll be easy to transport and won’t take up a lot of room in your car. Most boat lockers can accommodate a conventional water mat. However, it’s also good to pick something simple to store. All you have to do is roll the mat up and secure it with Velcro or hook & loop straps.

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Look for something that requires low maintenance, but that doesn’t imply you should allow your water mat to get soiled. After each use, some mats don’t need to be washed or cleaned. This is ideal for folks who don’t have time to clean up their mat every time they use it. It should be alright as long as you maintain them clean and dry before putting them in a storage bag.

Read the labels to learn how to clean and store the items properly. All you need to clean a low-maintenance water mat is soap and water. Some merely require water pressure or a hose to eliminate the algae and dirt.

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