Exterior Plantation Shutters: A Great Idea of How to Upgrade Your Outdoor Area

Are you searching for ideas to help you transform your alfresco area into a beautiful outdoor haven and boost your home value? External shutters can help you revamp your outdoor space but also help protect it from the elements, keeping it dry and safe. You’re in the right place if you want to get an idea of how plantation shutters work on the outside.

Can Plantation Shutters Be Used Outside?

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Yes, external plantation shutters are specially made for mounting outside your property, so they’re suited for exposure to the elements. Most options are made of durable aluminium, often powder-coated, and sturdy enough to withstand the harsh Australian climate and weather conditions. Don’t worry if the thought of aluminium shutters makes you think of the roller shutters seen in commercial buildings – exterior shutters look as beautiful as the range of interior shutters. 

Benefits of Exterior Plantation Shutters

When shopping for durable and functional exterior plantation shutters, many people’s main concern is finding a beautiful-looking option. While their appeal is undoubtedly an important aspect, there are many benefits of adorning your alfresco area with outdoor plantation shutters.

Increased Safety

Most outdoor shutters have a shutter panel with a very discreet lock. Because each panel is lockable, your house will be much more secure. Outdoor shutters are extremely resistant to prying and power tool efforts because of their extruded aluminium composition. Simply put, you’ll get the aesthetic appeal of a plantation shutter combined with the protection of a roller shutter.

Enhanced Privacy

Choosing the appropriate degree of privacy with internal and external window coverings can be challenging, but shutters make the process simple and quick. If you don’t like the thought of neighbours or passersby being able to see inside your house or place of business but appreciate natural light, you can tilt your louvres. That’ll allow light to enter while blocking the view of curious eyes. That’s also suitable if you spend time away from your house. You can close the shutters with louvres in an open-but-private position, greatly reducing the likelihood of unwanted attention or opportunistic burglars.

Improved Light Control

A lot of window treatments provide light control in an all-or-nothing manner. For example, roller shutters have two positions: up and down, meaning light is either entering the room or not. External shutters offer an amazing variety of light control choices. If it’s better for you to keep the light as dark as possible, you can close your shutters and move the louvres to let as little light as possible into your space. You might tilt your louvres to block out the sun’s glare, as an alternative, while allowing some natural light to enter your home.

Energy Efficiency And Noise Reduction

Regarding energy efficiency and noise reduction, outdoor shutters perform better than indoor shutters. It’s possible to keep heat, cold, and noise out of the house, which promotes improved energy efficiency and a calm atmosphere, depending on the material they’re made of. Insulated aluminium slats have been shown to produce outstanding outcomes.

Protection From The Elements

Australia has extremely harsh and unpredictable weather conditions. Outdoor shutters also help protect against weather-related hazards like hail, strong winds, cyclones, and bushfires. In addition to helping to prevent shattered windows and water intrusion, outdoor plantation shutters with a fire rating can protect your house from flame and ember damage.

Maintenance And Longevity

The fact that outdoor shutters require less maintenance than indoor shutters may be one of their most desirable features. With only a warm, soapy wash every six to twelve months, exterior shutters can endure for decades with little maintenance. That aids in clearing away dirt, debris, and filth that detracts from their look and could prevent them from operating properly.

What to Consider When Choosing External Plantation Shutters?

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Here are the most crucial factors to consider when choosing the best aluminium outdoor plantation shutters for your space.

A Selection of Mounting Options

Similar to interior shutters, you can install external shutters to suit your home the best. For example, if windows have a tiny recessed area, place an external shutter inside the frame. Another option is to install them outside your home, a little distance from the window frame, enabling you to close them completely.

A Variety of Fixes and Styles

There are several types and installation choices for outdoor shutters. For example, a full-height shutter complements your windows particularly nicely. On the other hand, your taste in design might be better served by a tier-on-tier layout with separate upper and lower panels.

Additionally, you have various mounting choices for your shutters. You can decide whether installing shutters in or around your window frame is a good idea for your house. On the other hand, track-mounted shutters work better for some properties. If sliding-tracked shutters are the best option, bypass and bi-fold versions are available.

Locks and keys are the only obvious distinction between the external range and our other shutter styles and mounting options. Locking prevents the shutter panels from opening, but the louvres continue functioning as before. The top and bottom shutter panel locks into the surrounding frame using locking bolts operated by a proprietary Italian locking mechanism.