Electrical Cabinet Cooling Systems: Common Mistakes and How to Avoid them


If the equipment kept in electrical enclosures is to work properly within the designated temperature, there have to be electrical cabinet cooling systems included. They are essential components that prevent the failing of the equipment. No mistakes are allowed in the choosing of the type and the size of the cooling systems and one should always monitor and maintain their optimal performance.

Insufficient or improper cooling should not occur since it may have a negative impact on the equipment. Having all of this in mind, it is only natural that one should wonder which are the most common mistakes and how can they be avoided. The target of this article is to break down those common misconceptions for you.


When the Choice of the Electrical Cabinets is Wrong

Applications that require closed loop cooling system cannot have their temperature maintained by a cabinet fan. Applications that can be cooled by a cabinet fan shouldn’t pair with an enclosure air conditioner. Remember that your energy bills largely depend on the way your cooling system conducts its purpose. During the system selection process, your task is to accordingly set the ambient temperature, the location parameters and the heat that will be dissipated by the equipment you own. If you are completely new to this subject, a consultation with a cooling system manufacturer will provide a very helpful initial guidance.

When the Equipment Layout is Not Considered Important

The simplest and the most financially suitable electrical cabinets are the filtered fans. However, failing to choose the right size and neglecting to make a thorough plan is not wise, unless you have more money than sense. Such a mistake will surely cost you additional money for maintenance. The airflow is probably one of the most important things to consider when it comes to enclosure fans – you have to ensure that the convective heat transfer evenly reaches every part of the enclosure. In order to completely achieve this you can place internal circular fans and this will in turn help normalize the resistance of the system.

When Environmental Facts are Ignored

In addition to the heat that will be dissipated by the equipment, one has to consider all surrounding factors when calculating the sizing of air conditioner enclosure. Avoid opting for oversized air conditioner, it will do no good and may cause the failure of your equipment. The ambient temperature, the solar heat gain and other sources of heat such as additional industrial equipment need to be analyzed in detail before selecting electrical cabinets.

Neglecting the Importance of the Accessories

Capacity filters are the most effective way to fight off corrosion in extremely polluted industrial environments. The air conditioner must be well protected from the highly polluted air created from cement plants, flour mills, coal mines and wood processing plants.

Choosing electrical cabinets wisely can make a huge difference in the reduction of your operation costs and the long term benefit is the ultimate protection of your equipment.


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