Dark, Elegant, Stylish, and Trendy: Ideas for Freshening Up Your Bathroom with Black Elements

As a utilitarian room that’s often neglected style-wise because it’s smaller than the rest, the bathroom could do with a little touch-up when given the opportunity. The solution could be simple: a colour change. Usually, people opt for bright colours given the smaller size of the room mainly to make the décor seem airy and big, when in fact the opposite could be just as effective. So, instead of the usual white overload, why not try some black?

Is Black a Good Colour for a Bathroom?

Going for dark colours, like black, can bring about more impact than you can imagine, especially when it comes to injecting the area with a little contrast, elegance, personality, and mood. And the ideal part of this solution is there’s something for everyone’s taste and budget. If you need a little black bathroom décor inspiration, keep reading and feel free to copy some of the ideas in this post.

Choose a Striking Vanity

black double vanity bathroom featuring two sinks and two mirrors
source: pexels.com

When you’re trying to play the décor game safe with the tones, you can try changing things up a little with the fixtures or fittings. For example, a crucial element like the vanity can easily turn into a focal point, drawing the right attention, and setting the perfect balance for contrast while keeping the outcome harmonious.

A stylish bathroom vanity in a black colour can immediately treat your private oasis with a layer of chicness, kind of like you expect to see at luxury hotels and resorts, even if it’s the only element you choose in this colour. The beauty of this choice is you have the flexibility to pair it with just about any other colour, be it white, cream, neutral tones, or even natural tones like wood.

As it adds a nice contrast, it’s just as good of a match for bold colours and patterns, if that’s more your kind of perfect. The result would be an edgy interior that doesn’t fail in terms of softness either.

Incorporate a Dark Sink

Maybe going all dark with the black bathroom vanity is too bold for you – no worries, you can have fun by swapping out the old bright sink with a sleek black sink for a start. Imagine a matte design and how modern of a vibe it can give off in your room. As a functional piece that carries some aesthetic role too, you can then pair it with other fixtures in black, like the shower, bathtub, and toilet when you’ve got the budget to back you up, or finish up with some toiletries or accessories in black for a more cohesive look.

Go All in With Dark Floors

Sure, dark makes the dust easily spotted, which could mean you’d have to do more floor cleaning than you usually do, but you don’t have to choose entirely black tiles or boards to get the modern aesthetic you’re aiming for. Tiles and boards with black details can work just as great with filling up the interior with a little texture that makes up for a big impact.

Change the Tone of the Setting with Dark Walls

What could be an easier way of achieving a striking effect than changing things up with the walls? Whether you choose just the one wall, or go for a full décor change with all of the walls, it’s all up to you. Keep in mind, though, if you go all in on black, you’d have to balance it out with a softer brighter colour, unless you want the room to appear smaller than usual.

For example, white ceiling and floor could be the solution to keeping it all harmonious. Some creative wall décor ideas that transcend traditional art like analogue clocks, string art pieces, and vertical gardens could work wonders for your bathroom with black bathroom vanities or other fixtures and fittings also in black.

Swap Out the Door

This is yet another element that can create a gorgeous appearance, especially if you pair the black of the door with black in the form of some smaller details, like a few ornaments on the floor tiles, accessories, or toiletries.

Invest in Black Textiles

Afraid of going overboard with the black fixtures and wall and floor elements? You can use the textile accessories to your advantage when you’re just inviting black people into your bathroom. This could be in the form of towels, shower curtains, or floor mats.

Create Your Own Luxury

A little bling can be everything you need to turn your own oasis into a hotel-like oasis you see in design magazines. This could be gold or brass accents in the form of hardware or accessories. I’m thinking black bathroom vanity units with warm gold or brass handles, knobs, sink tap ware, black doors with gold or brass handles or knobs and hangers, black walls with sparkly mirrors, toiletry holders, wall lights, as well as shelving details. The possibilities are truly endless!