Christmas Gift Ideas for Dads: Steer Clear of The Boring Clichés

Sparkling lights, warm and cosy sweaters, hot cocoa and jolly smiles are just some of the lovely things the Christmas season has to offer. You can’t deny how this holiday manages to really lift the spirit of your friends, family and even your whole town. Let’s not forget to mention the Christmas trees that will bring life to your home, but they also need one more detail in order to be complete – presents!

The tradition of gifting presents on Christmas has been around for a very long time and it is not going away any time soon. It is especially heartwarming when little children run out to the Christmas tree on Christmas morning to see what their gifts will be this year. But gifts are also meant for adults. Getting even a letter from a close friend wishing you merry holidays can really brighten up your mood. This is why presents are very important and keep us close together.

Surprising Your Dad on Christmas

dad christmas gift

The most important part of Christmas though is definitely family. Thanks to the days off work, you can spend the holiday with your dearest ones. Even long-distance cousins get to visit! The joys of the season bring out the generosity in just about everyone, which helps spread happiness and joy. Getting your family members gifts is something that will also spark up the mood.

Now, surprising your siblings or your mum might seem simple, but this year maybe divert your attention to your role model or best friend – your dad. Gifts for dads can be very monotonous, starting from neckties to cologne and wristwatches, but how about breaking those cliché gifts and getting something more special and creative? So what could you get? Well, nowadays gift hampers or to be more precise – alcohol hampers have become very popular.

A great way to spice up the basket is by throwing in some essential bar accessories or adding a little note in the basket expressing how much your father means to you. Let’s take a look at the best choices for Christmas alcohol gift baskets.

And worry not if you’ve waited until the last minute to get your dad something as alcohol hampers are a great solution for procrastinators. You can arrange them on your own as most of the items can be found at any supermarket. But if you’re especially pressed for time or don’t trust your abilities to decorate a hamper, there are probably plenty of local companies that specialise in creating tailored hampers full of alcohol and treats of your choice. No matter where you’re located, you’ll easily find a company that delivers alcohol hampers Brisbane, Sydney and Australia wide in general.

A Scotch Delight Hamper

scotch delight hamper

A nice scotch on the rocks could be the perfect gift for your dad, especially if he’s a whiskey lover. Having a glass of scotch is the best choice for the cold weather seasons, as it will warm up your taste buds with the perfect stingy, yet sweet taste. Another great reason to get your dad whiskey is the several benefits that come from drinking it, in moderation of course:

· Lowers The Risk Of Heart Diseases

· Aids in Weight Loss

· Controls Diabetic Symptoms

· Reduces Blood Clotting

· Can Fight The Flu

· Reduces Stress

· Improves The Overall Strength of The Immune System

All of these health benefits will definitely aid in your dad’s overall well-being and mood. A happy parent is also a healthy one! Make sure you mention how good a glass of scotch can be for him.

Now, if you want to add even more to the beauty of the gift, your hamper can contain things that go great with scotch. Depending on if it’s aged whiskey or a newer one, the taste can vary. If the whiskey inside the hamper is an aged bottle, it’s better to add some bitter chocolates that will compliment the taste quite well. Another good snack to have inside the basket is blue cheese. This combination will really satisfy your dad’s taste. And, lastly, if you don’t want to overdo it with buying things, you can always add in a perfectly home-baked apple pie which goes great with a glass of scotch.

Overall, you can see how ordering one of the tastiest alcohol hampers Brisbane, Sydney or any other Australian city has to offer will be a great way to get your dad to smile on Christmas day! The good thing is you can also add anything you want to the basket that can make the gift even more gorgeous and personal.

The Perfect Beer Hamper

perfect beer hamper

Is your dad one to enjoy the traditional taste of a good beer? Well, a tasty and creative all-beer themed hamper is one of the best christmas gifts for beer lovers. You can be certain that your dad will most definitely enjoy this gift, not just because of the delicious beer and snacks, but also because of your thoughtful thinking.

Now, wondering what kind of snacks or treats to have inside the basket? Well, a great thing about beer is that it tastes good when paired with just about any kind of food, except dessert. To put it simply, a good choice would be any kind of chips and dips, salted peanuts, Mexican-themed foods such as spicy nachos or jalapeno poppers, and let’s not forget to mention BBQ sausages or chicken wings. All of these snacks will go great with the beer in the hamper, offering your dad quite the tasty experience.

Christmas gifts for beer lovers already sound and definitely are delicious, but they also have their health pros. Beer has been known to be really good for your bones and for your overall heart condition. Another thing is that it contains a whole lot of nutrients and antioxidants which will boost your metabolism and reduce your risk of kidney stones. Also, beer can improve your eyesight and your diabetic symptoms. And lastly, a glass of beer can have good effects on your mood as well, and it even boosts your self-esteem, so you can be very certain that your dad will be super happy and smiling as soon as he gets to see and enjoy his gift!

Sweet and Edible Hampers

sweet hampers gift

A simple way to get your dad in a jolly-good mood is by getting him one of the tasty edible Christmas gifts. In this case, that would be a nice Christmas-based hamper that is filled up with mouth-watering treats and snacks. I mean, who wouldn’t love a basket full of food?

● Since it’s Christmas day, the hamper should contain the appropriate kinds of treats. Let’s quickly look at a short list of what the gift basket should contain:
● Candy Canes – This is an absolute must. Candy canes are the traditional candy sweets that even symbolize Christmas overall. They are quite delicious and can also be used as Christmas decorations or tree ornaments!
Gingerbread Cookies – Another great symbol of the holidays is the Gingerbread Man. Having these types of cookies in the basket will add both to the taste and the beauty of it.
● Peppermint Bark – Now who wouldn’t enjoy both a sweet and refreshing holiday treat? The mixture of chocolate and peppermint will definitely improve your dad’s mood!
● Cinnamon Rolls – The perfect choice of nice looking and tasty cookies to add to the basket. They are also easy to make, so you can do it yourself which will add to the personal meaning of the gift box!
Any of these edible Christmas gifts will look amazing inside the hamper while making it very festive at the same time. What’s great is that they all go well with any kind of drinks too, including alcoholic beverages! So, another thing to add to the gift box will be a nice bottle of your dad’s favourite alcoholic drink. Our recommendation would be a well-aged red wine. Finally, as the last step, you can make sure that the hamper doesn’t contain anything that can cause your dad allergies. After that, add a nice ribbon around the basket, and you’ll be good to go!

To Sum It Up

Overall, for most dads, just you being by their side and spending time with them should be the perfect holiday gift. This is exactly why they are deserving of the best and most creative gift there is, especially one made with love. So, as the Christmas holidays are coming up, instead of a boring old suit tie, how about getting your dad a thoughtful hamper and making his Christmas morning a real jolly one! After all, keeping the head of the house happy will keep everyone else happy!

Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things that you didn’t do than by the ones you did do.