Charming Ideas for Decorating Living Room Side Tables


A well-executed living room design scheme does not end with the sofa and other basic furnishings. There are also the accent pieces which upgrade the simple living room from liveable to lovable. Take for instance the side table, no living room is complete without one or two. Whether it’s in the corner of the room, next to the sofa or under the window, the side table is an incredibly functional piece. Besides coming in handy when you need to put down a drink, a book or the remote, a side table can become your secret decorating weapon. All you need to do is highlight it in an interesting and stylish manner. Here are a few ideas on side table décor.

Layer it Beautifully

Side Table

If your room is designed in an eclectic manner, you’re going to love dressing up your side table in layers. An easy way to make living room side tables more noticeable is by covering them with a chic table cloth or some other luscious, patterned fabric. This way, you get a secret storage space underneath and a lovely surface above which begs to be decorated with various things for a beautifully layered look. You can use things like a stack of books, a tray, picture frames, and a few ornaments in various heights and colours.

Create Balance with a Matching Lamp

Side Table

You know what is the peanut butter and jelly combination in decorating? The side table and the statement lamp – a love story which was always meant to be. Although they go perfectly with each other, you should be careful how you combine styles. For instance, a classic, brown or black wooden table goes well with any antique lamp whereas Scandi-style living room side tables can match beautifully with a pastel mid-century reading lamp.

Breathe Life into any Side Table with Plants

Side Tables

Besides living room side tables, you know what else can make the space more lively? Some splash of green of course. Including some charming plants in your home can have many benefits from boosting your mood to providing cleaner air and even lowering your risk for certain illnesses. So why not pair both up? A side table and a gorgeous plant in the corner of the room or under a window can be a truly refreshing sight to rest your eyes upon. Choose plants that can thrive without problem at room temperature, like for instance succulents or cacti.