A Guide to Creating a Scandinavian Inspired Bedroom

The bedroom is probably the most personal space in your home, reserved for isolation and rest. Because of this, you need to make it as soothing as possible and design it with elements that inspire peace and tranquility. The Scandinavian style may be perfect for achieving this much needed restful feeling. Besides looking sleek and magazine-worthy, this style is actually easy to achieve and can fit within anyone’s budget.

scandinavian style bed

One of the most important things to have in mind is the colours. Colours can influence your mood and help you fall asleep easily or disturb you. That being said, the Scandi neutral palette colours, like beiges or whites and lighter pastel options can work perfectly as they can have a calming effect.

When it comes to choosing the most important bedroom furniture piece, a Scandinavian style bed that features clean lines is a great way to set the base for some additional Nordic influence into your bedroom. A Scandinavian style bed is one that has simple lines, timeless appeal and is designed to offer functionality. They come in subtle colours such as white, brown or pastel, giving you the freedom to play with décor and accents seasonally. For instance, a simple and clean-lined bed made of oak makes for a durable and timeless bedroom piece. Oak made structures are durable and hard-wearing. For added convenience, you can opt for a model with additional bed drawers or maybe integrated shelving – all for the purpose of creating useful bed storage.

scandinavian bedroom

In order to continue with the theme and make the bed a cosy corner and soften things up, don’t forget to add plenty of cushions and for instance a textured throw. A cozy mix of textures like sheepskin, wool and soft cotton throws placed over the bed can make the bedroom feel more comfortable and welcoming. They can also add another layer of texture to space.

Wallpapers can also add texture and colour to your bedroom. Delicate ones, especially in muted shades of restful blues and grey or maybe a romantic floral design, can give your bedroom a restful feel. Paintings, posters and art prints that aren’t too bold and overwhelming are also much welcomed in the Scandinavian interior. You can also add living decor elements such as fresh flowers and green plants and candles for a touch of cosiness and a pleasant glow to the space.