Spend More Time Outdoors – Ideas for Warming Up Your Patio

Spending more time outdoors in summer is what we all love doing, but once the weather gets chilly, those hours spent on your patio dining with family or friends can become really unpleasant. However, this does not mean you should stop spending time outdoors. Instead, you can make some improvements and prepare your outdoor area for the colder months and extend your fun times. If you don’t know what would work best for your patio, here are few ideas for warming up this area of your home.


Outdoor heaters

Outside patio heaters are probably the most effective outdoor heating solution. They are perfect for heating the surrounding environment and making your stay outdoors cozier and more comfortable. Outside heaters come in three different types – gas patio heaters, solid fuel, and electric heaters. The latest models of gas heaters are more environmentally friendly and come in a wide range of designs so you will probably be able to find one that will complement the style of your patio. Solid fuel outside heaters usually use a controlled fire with wooden logs or pallets and they create a really lovely environment. Last but not least are electric models – they are easy to use as you can simply turn them on and off anytime you want. They use less energy than gas heaters which makes them a very cost-effective option.


Due to their ease of use, low cost and portability, firepits are an extremely popular choice for outdoor heating. They are designed to stand low on the ground and can be found in a variety of sizes, shapes, and widths in different materials. Wood-burning fire pits are a popular choice but gas or propane-fueled fire pits are a much better choice as they are kinder to the environment. Plus, if you live in an area where using wood is banned, then these firepits would be perfect for you.

Custom-built fireplace

A custom-built fireplace will instantly become a focal point in your garden. Place a beautiful and comfortable seating with a low table around it and you will create a true living room outdoors. No matter whether you decide to buy a prefab unit, or undertake a DIY project, the final result is bound to be amazing. The unit will make the space more cosy and warm and will definitely make your outdoor area more inviting. You can choose from a wide range of materials including stone, brick, metal, or concrete. When it comes to fuel, it can be either fueled by wood or gas. If you decide to use a fireplace as a heating source consider the location, nearby structures as well as any low shrubs and trees you may have.