Wedding Favour Ideas Your Guests Will Love

Everyone gets excited when it comes to weddings. And how can you not? It’s the most important day in the life of a couple. It’s the day when you celebrate your love for one another, sharing your vows, promises and aspirations. It’s the beginning of your marriage, the moment it comes to life. And all that in front of your family and friends, the most important people in your life. You surely want the people that matter the most to you to cherish your marriage and delight on this significant day. But what can you do to show your gratitude for their presence and make them remember the day? No matter the style of your wedding – whether you’re going for a luxurious wedding reception with many guests or a small vintage ceremony, wedding favours are the best way to say ‘thank you’ to your guests.

thank you wedding favour idea

Wedding favours aren’t a new thing. The first favour known as bonbonniere was given at French weddings in little boxes made out of gold or porcelain. The sugary treat in the boxes was a sign of wealth and prosperity. And even many years before that, Greeks started the 5 sugar-coated almonds tradition, believing they will bring the newlyweds the five important blessings: health, wealth, happiness, children and long life. Whether you’re going for the tradition or not, wedding favours are a sweet way to add a custom touch to your big day. Here are some ideas for wedding party favors your guests will love.

1. Jordan Almonds for the Traditional Couple

If you are all in for a traditional wedding, then you should make your favours traditional too. And are there any more traditional wedding favours than the Jordan almonds? The Jordan almonds represent life – sweet and bitter at the same time and should be given to guests in odd numbers. Odd numbers can’t be divided and so shouldn’t be the couple’s happiness. But if you go for the most traditional favour, it doesn’t have to mean it should be boring. You can go for the white ones or make them colourful. You can put them in organza bags in the colour of your wedding theme together with a thank you note. If you want to take the tradition to another level, then put them in artistic candy boxes. Think, candy paper boxes with a heart design, bride and groom design or Mr& Mrs design. How cute is that? You can buy these wedding favours online and fill them with Jordan almonds yourself or you can order them as a finished product.

Jordan Almonds for wedding

2. Edible Wedding Favours

There isn’t a greater way to show your loved ones a thoughtful thank you than offering them something than can eat later, or maybe in a time you suggest on the package or the side thank you note. If you’re looking for a wedding DIY project, you can go for it and make them yourself. If you’re too nervous about how it will come out, you can always go for packed store-bought goods. Here are some ideas.

edible wedding favors

Cute Jam Jars

If the homemade jam is your thing, you can make some and fill it in cute mini jars. They will remind your friends of old days spending time in the kitchen with grandma, making all kinds of delicious stuff and are sure to bring a wonderful vibe to your reception tables. You can add a handwritten Thank You note and delight your guests.

Mini Wine Bottles

When people think of celebrating love, they often think of drinking wine. If wine is your drink, then you should think of wine-themed favours. To make them personalized, consider labelling the bottle with your names and the wedding date. If that’s your favourite wine, tell them, that way they can, even more, feel they’re part of your story.

mini wine bottles

Your Favourite Chocolate

Maybe chocolate was part of the story of how the two of you met. Or you’re both chocolate lovers that want to share their love for chocolate with your dearest on your wedding day. You can do that and pack your chocolate in wrapping paper alongside the story. There you go, you have your unique and sweet wedding favour.

Herbs and Spice and Everything Nice

Have you heard about the secret language of herbs? Through the years herbs have been symbols for many things. For example, basil represents love, oregano represents joy and thyme – courage. Or maybe you have some other favourites. Simply google those and pack them as a mix. You can put them in a mini jar or mini glass tube with a natural cork stopper at the top. Tie a note around the cap saying what these herbs mean to you. Another idea is to make a homemade herbal elixir and pour it into the same glass tubes. Everyone appreciates a good herbal mix nowadays.

Favours from the Chefs

Are you and your partner famous culinary experts? Everyone’s curious about that barbecue sauce you make for every BBQ party? Or that secret ingredient you put in every meal and make everything delicious? Then your guests will appreciate some of that packed for home.

3.Practical Wedding Favours for Everyone’s Delight

The best wedding party favors are the ones your guests can use. And that’s because they’re more about them than about you. Since everything on your wedding day is about you, why not make the favours more about your guests? Here are some exceptional ideas that won’t cost you a fortune even if they’re personalized:

  • Personalized matches
  • Scented candles
  • Soap
  • Bottle openers
  • Pandemics pack: personalized reusable masks, wipes or hand sanitiser
  • Succulents
  • Personalized coffee mugs

Each of these is a good idea, but you know your guests the best, so you can choose the one they will cherish the most and think of you at the same time. It’s also important that it goes well with your wedding theme and your style as a couple. But the most important thing is to make them appreciated and thankful, as you are for having them in your life and at your wedding.