Unleash Power and Performance: XFORCE High-Performance Exhaust Systems – The Science of Balance

The quickest way to catch a genuine high-performance enthusiast’s eye – or their ear – is to show them what your aftermarket exhaust setup looks like. And make no mistake: anyone who knows about exhausts is instantly going to know if your setup is for show or for go.

The fact is, there’s a very real science to successful exhaust tuning, and it involves a lot more than simply reaching for the biggest set of pipes on the shelf. Size is relative when it comes to exhaust systems, especially custom ones, and the tuner who fails to understand that will quickly realize that they’re siphoning off more power than they’re gaining.

The tuner who understands that great exhaust flow has less to do with dimensions than it does with dynamics, however, already knows the secret to coaxing out horsepower. It’s all about balance; and fortunately, there’s one custom exhaust manufacturer here in Oz who’s mastered the art of building balanced exhausts.

Better Balanced Exhaust Systems From XFORCE

For more than 20 years, XFORCE has been Australia’s undisputed leader in custom high-performance exhaust system design and tuning. And with a product lineup that features everything from 3” cat back systems for high-strung Yaris GRs, to long tube V8 header systems for ultra-rare HSV Commodores, they understand that balance is the most essential aspect of exhaust tuning.

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source: performancem.co.uk

At their most basic, all high-performance exhaust systems are designed and engineered to carry out the same duties:

·   To capture and draw as much heated exhaust gas away from the engine as possible;

·   To keep heated gas moving through the system as quickly and efficiently as possible; and,

·   To ensure that restrictions on exhaust gas movement are kept to an absolute minimum.

What’s frequently overlooked in aftermarket exhaust tuning circles though, is that every exhaust system needs to approach these duties differently. Every engine family has their own attributes; and XFORCE knows that engine characteristics like the type of induction, RPM range, and cam timing are all instrumental in determining how effective a performance exhaust system is likely to be. It’s all about balance and basics, and that’s where XFORCE’S performance exhausts beat everyone else’s.

Here’s How Balanced Exhausts Get the Most From Every Engine 

Regardless of whether you’re looking for a mild street exhaust with a bit of a growl, or a full-blown racing exhaust for a V8 Supercar contender, there are really only 3 basic functions to any exhaust system. The key to producing more horsepower, however, is in knowing how to optimize them.

·   Exhaust scavenging. As heated exhaust gases naturally want to move from higher to lower pressure, the scavenging that’s caused by each compression cycle helps to draw gases through the system.

·   Exhaust velocity. This is the speed that the heated gases are drawn through the system; and the more velocity your system creates, the more effective it’s going to be at scavenging.

·   Exhaust backpressure. Backpressure is typically caused by a combination of poor scavenging and inline system restrictions, leaving you with unwanted exhaust gases lingering inside the system.

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source: custom-exhausts.co.uk

And when it comes to high-performance exhaust systems, it’s important to remember that balance is the key to optimizing these functions. Exhaust velocity is at its best when scavenging is high and backpressure is low, and several of the ways custom exhausts accomplish this is through:

·   Mandrel bent pipes to ensure minimal backpressure throughout the full length of the system;

·   Flush welded joints and flanges that are free from flexing and power-robbing leaks; and,

·   High-quality materials like titanium, and brushed or polished 304 stainless that dissipate heat quicker.

Every custom XFORCE upgrade exhaust is dyno-tested to identify exactly where each engine type is producing its most power, most torque, or the best combination of both. According to those benchmarks, every attribute of exhaust gas flow is analyzed and tuned to get the desired balance out of each system; and that’s not possible simply by adding a larger diameter pipe.

Time to Bolt on the XFORCE Muffler Yhat You Can Tune Yourself

When it comes to picking out the right high-performance exhaust for sale, a lot of enthusiasts want a system that sounds as impressive as it performs. A throatier exhaust note is a trait of any low-restriction exhaust system, but you don’t always want the attention that a louder exhaust brings. This is where XFORCE’s patented Varex™ muffler technology can work for you.

exhaust muffler
source: mlperformance.co.uk

Varex mufflers feature a butterfly valve mechanism that allows drivers to control the flow of exhaust gas through the unit either by remote control or, depending on engine RPM and throttle position, automatically. The Varex’s range of settings varies between full race and full street modes, making it XFORCE’s ultimate tool for balancing interior comfort with performance on the pavement.       

XFORCE Makes the Exact Exhaust for Your Car 

XFORCE’s high-quality lineup of custom aftermarket exhausts is available for some of the most readily modifiable cars sold in Australia, including:

·   BMW M2s, M3s, and M4s;

·   Ford F6s and GTs;

·   Holden Senator, Maloo, GTS, Coupe, and Clubsport Special Vehicles;

·   Subaru BRZs and WRZs; and,

·   VW Golf Rs and GTIs, and Sciroccos.

These are only a few of the naturally aspirated and turbocharged brands that XFORCE makes both custom street and race exhaust systems. And while the quest for more power is undeniably the reason that enthusiasts look to XFORCE for their systems, they also know that with XFORCE they’re going to get:

·   A powerful exhaust that’s also affordable and tuned to fit their exact make and model;

·   A significant weight reduction with the replacement of factory exhaust manifolds; and,

·   An exhaust system that’s designed specifically not to rust or corrode.

There’s no doubt about it, when it comes to manufacturers who have the expertise to build balanced, high-performance exhaust, Australia has the advantage with XFORCE.

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source: xforce.com.au

The Final Word

At the end of the day, when it comes to high-performance exhaust systems, balance means everything. A properly balanced system can surprise you with the amount of power it’s capable of unleashing; and you want one that’s tuned from the beginning to perform: not just to look the part.

XFORCE high-performance exhaust systems are engineered to deliver power the way enthusiasts want, when they want it. They know what it takes to balance an exhaust system to perfection, and you’ll recognize the difference as soon as you bolt one of their exhausts on.   

Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things that you didn’t do than by the ones you did do.