Travel Clothing: Ideas for Staying Stylish and Comfortable on a Summer Trip

Are you planning to use the sunny summer weather to tick some new places off your bucket list? In that case, you best come prepared for tackling the warm temperatures with the right clothes. After all, you don’t want to look all sweaty in your Instagram photos, right? So, before you head out to your dream destination, here are some great ideas on how to stay comfortable and stylish.


Go for Travel-Friendly Materials

When it comes to travel clothing, the choice of fabric can make a big difference both in terms of comfort and style. Consider a type of fabric that can keep you comfortable on a long bus or plane trip and remain looking fresh and clean once you’ve arrived. A great idea would be to pick travel clothing made of bamboo as the material is exceptionally breathable and temperature-regulating, allowing you to stay cool in hot weather. It also doesn’t wrinkle easily, which means that you’ll get to look sharp the whole day. Considering it has UV resistant properties, bamboo clothes can allow you to stay protected when exploring the whole day in the sun.

Choose Relaxed Clothes

But regardless of whether you chose the most breathable material, you’ll still feel uncomfortable and get sweaty if the clothes are too tight. With that being said, make sure to allow some air between the clothes and your skin. A pair of flowing culottes can give you the elegance and comfort of a skirt and the confidence of pants. Pairing them with a relaxed tee or singlet tucked inside is an easy and stylish look for summer. A comfy maxi dress is another perfect clothing piece for spending your day getting to know your vacation spot. Its long, unrestricted shape allows you to stay fresh and covered the whole time, adding another layer to your sun protection. What’s more, you don’t have to worry about matching it with another piece of clothing.

Bring Along an Extra Layer In Case You Get Chilly

Weather is something out of your control, which means you always need to be prepared for unexpected changes. Bringing a scarf or a light cashmere cardigan can be a life saviour in the case of mild temperature drops. A cotton boyfriend jacket is great too because you can conveniently wrap it around your waist when you don’t need it. As it’s slightly oversized, you can also roll it up at the sleeves as a fashion statement.