Toyota Prado: Useful Upgrade Ideas and Tips

In Australia we are passionate about our 4×4 vehicles. And how could you not be passionate about a machine that allows you to have thrilling adventures in the hinterland? The downside to going on an adventurous nature is the inevitable wear these 4WD sustain after off road driving. That being said, before you go off the beaten track, make sure to check and maintain the critical car components. It also doesn’t hurt to make some upgrades that can help ensure your adventure is a safe and enjoyable one.

4x4 vehicles


Many off-road enthusiasts take it upon themselves to fix up the vehicles that came straight from the factory. Any 4×4 owner will tell you that taking care of your off road vehicle takes more than just maintenance – you need to protect it and boost its performance with the proper accessories. So, if you have a vehicle like Toyota Prado do your best to pamper it. It will certainly serve you well once you hit the unbeaten path.

One benefit every Aussie 4×4 driver enjoys is the availability of aftermarket parts for upgrades. The Prado is no exception to this and you can easily find what you are looking for.

aftermarket Prado exhaust


Performance Oriented Exhaust System

One of the OEM parts known to be inferior to their aftermarket equivalents are exhaust systems. It depends on the exact make and model of the vehicle, however, generally speaking this is true. Mass production revolves around cutting costs and making an exhaust system with stock parts is one of the ways car factories can reduce expenses. While you may get a cheaper vehicle, in the long run, you might become less than satisfied with fuel economy and look for alternative solutions.

In the case with Toyota Prado exhaust system this might be a blessing in disguise. Exploring the range of aftermarket Prado exhaust upgrades can help you unleash your ride’s hidden potential. You can easily find a performance oriented system that has handcrafted mandrel bent tubing without restrictions. The stock counterparts are made using the crash bending method and unfortunately are less effective because of that.

In addition to this, the materials which go into an aftermarket Prado exhaust are usually of higher quality. They can be made of high grade stainless steel, heat resistant enamel and top quality flange plates and brackets. This translates into a power gain unlike what you have experienced thus far.

Another distinctive feature of custom exhausts is you can get a model that is fairly straightforward to mount on your vehicle. The reason being – they make them for each model specifically. Therefore, installation should be a breeze, and not take a long time.

Make sure you take a closer look at all of the components offered with the upgrade. Sometimes elements like dump pipe, rear connecting pipe and tail pipe assembly are included in the package while muffler and straight pipe aren’t.

Throttle Controller


Throttle Controller

Another very common issue for off roaders – you are in the middle of your adventure and your 4WD lacks juice. Not in terms of having enough fuel, but rather in having a powerful start when your vehicle is stationary and in a ditch. It takes a different kind of power to get out of there as opposed to your regular driving in the city.

This is where throttle control modules come in handy. They are able to offer your Prado a bold start and unparalleled acceleration at an affordable price. And the procedure to get there is quite simple too. You are not making a time consuming alteration of your engine system or any of the complicated mechanic interventions aimed at giving you extra horse power. The throttle controller is a simple flyby wire which provides the necessary tweak of your systems in minutes. But what does flyby wire in throttle control module mean?

In essence, you are bypassing the factory settings put in place to regulate the response of your engine to the way you work the pedals. Most of the vehicles produced today have a built-in throttle lag put in place to cut gas emissions. And the wiring is responsible for the delayed response. This bundle of wires is usually housed in the steering column. If you cut your way through all of them once you wire the pedal directly to the engine, a great deal of acceleration is added.

Setting your throttle module on the ultimate off road mode is bound to give you that extra kick required to get out of a tight spot. It works immediately and you need to check the reviews to see that this is actually true. You just need to set aside few minutes to add the controller to your dashboard and add the flyby wire.

LED Lights Bar


LED Lights Bar

When you are off road you need every upgrade you can add. So don’t stop at throttle boost and the Prado exhaust upgrades you are considering. Going for powerful off-road lights can improve your outback driving experience. They usually come as a separate lights bar mounted on your 4×4. If you go for an LED lights bar set, your visibility will be changed for as long as those diodes are running, which is an ample amount of time.

Make sure your lights bar has its own separate activation point though, because the last thing you want to do is to drive through town with the lights bar on. The bar is designed to provide lighting for night driving in the hinterlands and using it in an urban setting is not safe. When you are out there though, it will give you confidence in your Prado while driving at night, allowing you to see any road obstacles on time. Covering an uneven terrain is tricky in the daylight, let alone at low visibility.

Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things that you didn’t do than by the ones you did do.