Top 3 Adult Scooters That Will Make Your Lives More Exciting

I strongly belive that even thorought our adulthood, we are all still kids deep inside. Maybe you were around twelve when you bought your first scooter and now, decades later, you still want to do tricks and recall those sweet memories. Well, there are a lot of people who stayed active past childhood and turned that fun into something more professional. Regardless of the fact whether you want to do this for recteration, or turn it into a cool trasport, you have to know which are the best adult push scooters out there and what are their unque specifications.


Globber Kleefer My Too 18.0 scooter

The Glober Kleeferis is a great adult push scooter that has integrated Kleefer system technology. This system offers you the possibility to fold the scooter just with a simple kick, with the help of the smart hydraulic folding system. The brakes are located on the handlebar allowing you better control and more safety while running. The Handlebar is curved and 48 cm long. It is wide and low enough, giving your more stability and easier control while riding. The wheels are around 180 mm made from high-quality polyurethane with an ABEC 7 bearing. The globber Kleefer is wide enough so anyone can experience comfort while riding it.

Micro Black

The Micro Black was introduced back in 2008 as the ultimate commuting tool for the hectic streets and as a ride for gong to work or school. It has large, 200 mm wheels that generate great speed, thus making it the ideal adult push scooter for long distances with small physical effort. Contrary to the other big wheeled scooters, this scooters offers you lower foot plate, more room which means comfort and the unnecessary need for the rider to lean while scooting that prevents unnecessary pain in the spine. Micro black weights 4.7 kg and can take adults up to 100kg.

Zycomotion Easy Ride 200

If you are looking for a more traditional scooter that has all the modern gadgets, then the Zycomotion is the right scooter for you. Reliable, durable and safe, this scooter will make your life interesting once again. With a smooth hydraulics actions, you can fold this scooter anywhere and anytime. Zyzcomotion features height adjustable base, extruded alloy deck which offers durability, quick stop brake which increases your safety dozens of times, 200 mm wide wheels that offer you great speed.

Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things that you didn’t do than by the ones you did do.