Super Creative Ideas For Bringing Vintage Style With Wooden Chests And Trunks

If you are a fan of vintage style, then you will find antique chests as one of the most exquisite furniture pieces that serve both as useful storage containers and amazing decorative accents. If you’ve inherited a beautiful wooden chest, don’t throw it away. Now is the time to display it. In the last few years, mixing modern and traditional styles has become quite popular. Just, make sure you use right decorating pieces and place them in the right spots to create a harmonious flow and not a a mess.

So the old and unique wooden chest you have inherited from your grandmother does not belong in the attic. It is not a dust collector. It is a valuable piece that will enliven any room. Did you know that an antique chest makes a great focal point of a room? Chests are the go-to-item if you want to add rustic and vintage style to your home. Here are some ideas on how to decorate your home with chic antique chests.


  • Transform your wooden chest into a coffee table and mix practicality and elegance. Just give your antique chest a good polish and you are good to go. You now have an Asian-inspired living room that screams style.


  • Larger wooden chests make an excellent storage solution for kid’s room and bedrooms. Use it for storage of winter clothes, pillows, bed linens or shoes. Or make it a focal point of your hallway. Add Chinese dragon sculpture for added style.


  • You can use your wooden chest as a side table in your living room. Antique chests are great furniture pieces for country, rustic or vintage style homes.


  • Wooden chests can be used as nightstands as well. If the antique chest you own has the right shape and dimensions, then you should place it near the bed and have one-of-a-kind nightstand. Decorate your bed with few vintage decorative pillows or a nice flower vase, to create a cozy bedroom with original details.


  • Antique chests can be used in a kids’ bedroom as well. Use it to store toys or as a secret hiding place when playing hide-and-go-seek.