Shoe Guide and Style Ideas: Flats Are the Versatile Wardrobe Heroes

When it comes to dressing business casual, flats are increasingly replacing the uncomfortable heels. Being many women’s first choice for dressing both casually and semi-formally, this type of shoe can go well with almost any outfit. In fact, these days, flats are considered the staple pieces in women’s shoe closets, so having at least one pair of them is very much needed. Since they’re available in an extensive range of types, let’s find out which are your cup of tea.

Ballet Flats

A list like this cannot start without the classic ballet flats for women being on the top. They are closed types of shoes and as the name implies, they are inspired by ballet wear. Generally speaking, stylish ballet flats for women can have a small thin heel or none at all, giving you the ability to choose according to your comfort level. They are available in a range of materials like genuine leather, faux leather, suede, nubuck and even cotton-like fabrics which makes them extremely versatile. Coming in every colour and every possible design, these womens flats are perfect for everyday use, when running errands, for casual walks and even for office work.

black ballet shoes


Easy to put on and take off, just like the classic ballet shoes, loafers also have no straps or laces that will hold the shoe in the foot. They are perfect to be worn throughout the year, except when there is heavy snow of course. When compared to the ballet classic shoes, loafers are considered more casual although some women combine them perfectly with business-casual outfits. They are also more comfortable than ballet shoes as they have a thicker sole that’s shock-absorbing, thus protecting the feet when walking or standing for prolonged periods of time.


Mules are some of the most stylish and casual slip-on shoes ever invented. Usually having a pointed toe, these types of women’s shoes can bring some edge to any of your outfits. Usually made of genuine leather and suede, these shoes can be perfectly paired with a white tee and jeans, shirt, jeans and blazers combo or with any other semi-casual types of outfits.

How to Wear Flats?

Wearing and matching womens flat shoes is not that difficult. Dresses, pants, blouses, leather jackets, coats jeans and skirts are some of the different types of women’s clothing with which you can combine these allies of yours.

When pairing them with tights, the most important thing you need to know is that some colours don’t go well with each other. According to fashion designers, the wrong colour palette can break your outfit, so it’s of vital importance for you to choose the right combination. For instance, when wearing a skirt, you would be safe if sticking to nude tights as they can go perfectly with any shoe colour. For those days when feeling like wearing black tights, it’s said that you can combine them with any more vibrant colour shoes like magenta, pink, yellow and even red. Just make sure to keep it simple with the rest of the outfit.

dressed up girl

If the weather allows it, you can combine these amazingly comfortable types of shoes with short pants/jeans, a shirt jacket and a plain shirt. This look is super chic and can be perfect for when catching up with your friends.

For those times when you need to wear something more elegant or formal, you can always opt for the pointed toe flats with a little heel and combine them with a pencil dress or any other smart pants/skirts combo.

How to Make Them Even More Comfortable?

Wear Them at Home First

This rule goes for any type of shoes because you can’t be sure whether they’ll give you blisters or not. Wearing them at home even for short periods of time several times can help them get a bit looser and mould according to your feet. And if they get uncomfortable at first, you can take them off without having to deal with pain throughout the day.

black dress with ballet flats

Put on Nude Liner Socks

This is another amazing tip that you can use, especially because these types of socks are almost invisible and cannot be seen with the naked eye and from far. The reason for this is because these socks can protect your feet from rubbing and blisters which is quite common when wearing new shoes.

Protect the Back of Your Feet

Another common thing when wearing new footwear is that the back of your shoes might start to rub harshly against the back of the ankle. This can be quite painful and can lead to scratches and blisters. In order to avoid this, you can use a Band-Aid on the place or apply an anti-friction gel or lotion.

ballet flats

Wear Insoles for Additional Comfort

If you find that your flats are making your feet achy, you can always insert a leather or gel insole so it could increase the comfort you’re lacking.