Organic Baby Clothes – The Idea of Combining Nature & Nurture at Its Finest

bamboo baby clothes1

“Little drops of water make a mighty ocean” – Julia Abigail Fletcher Carney

We live in a world of excessive pollution and dependency on synthetic products. Sometimes, without even knowing and very often because we have no other choice, we consume foods full of chemicals and pesticides, and we wear synthetic and chemically treated clothing items. However, to think that there we are really left without any choice is somewhat if not completely wrong. Perhaps we don’t feel motivated enough to look for other options, but when there are babies involved, many of us parents want to be more and more in the know.

In order to ensure we are doing what’s in our dear little ones’ best interest, we could start by protecting their sensitive skin and make sure the clothes which come in touch with it 24/7 are made from the best materials and are organic. Clothing is in fact the third, very important piece from the puzzle (that includes clean environment and healthy food) for making sure we are raising healthy children. So, when it comes to organic clothing, here are the options we got so far.


Bamboo is the new, improved cotton. It is one of the softest fabrics, ideal for those who suffer from allergies and for those who have sensitive skin, which makes it perfect for babies. In fact, all of the studies that have been conducted state that there is almost no downside to this amazing environmental-friendly fabric. Bamboo is a durable plant that can thrive healthily without the need of any toxic chemical, thus making bamboo baby clothes safer for babies. Free of chemicals (pesticides, fertilizers) and 100% organic, bamboo is the most comfortable and easily adaptable fabric material. Moreover, bamboo baby clothes are a great insulator which means they will keep your baby warm during the colder period of the year and cool throughout the warmer one.

bamboo baby clothes2

Last but not least, bamboo has anti-fungal, antibacterial, and anti-odour properties, making it the ideal fabric for creating baby products in general (clothes, bed linen, towels, blankets, etc.).


Another organic baby clothing option is hemp. The new and innovative process of treating hemp fibres with enzymes has the power to create the softest to touch baby clothing. This comfy and smooth material is able to block the harmful UV rays while keeping the body cool in summer and warm in winter. It is durable and can resist mould and mildew perfectly which is why hemp canvas is the number one material used for ship sails since ever.


It may sound strange, but soy baby clothes are a great way to green up your baby’s wardrobe. Luxuriously soft, soy can retain warmth and absorb moisture just like cotton. It is a lightweight material that contains amino acids essential for our bodies, but it also has antibacterial and anti-wrinkle properties ideal for the baby’s sensitive skin. All in all, soy is another type of organic material that can be used for both kids and adults.

We all have a responsibility to keep ourselves and the environment safe and changing our clothing choices is a great way to start. Where there’s enough choice, there shouldn’t be excuses, so make sure nature’s on your side with these organic baby clothing options.