Lace Up Flats: The Ultimate Shoes for Comfort and Style

After years and years of trying to live up to all those beauty norms, women around the world are finally liberating themselves from the chains and finding their personal “the perfect women” ideals. Ladies are taking back the term “feminine” and giving it its own meaning. Long gone is the time when to be beautiful a womаn needed to dress a certain way, have a certain hairstyle or wear makeup a certain way and gone are the high heels as the ultimate lady’s shoes and the only style that makes а womаn look womanly enough. And we can say that shoes are one of the perfect symbols of this change – with so many putting their comfort and personal taste above other’s expectations and flats getting their rightful place in fashion.

While lace up flats, like sneakers or loafers, have always been the preferred shoes by many, until recently, rarely could we see a woman dressed up wearing anything else but high heels. But now lace up flats for women are becoming some of the most versatile options for most fashion styles. Thankfully, manufacturers have recognised the necessity for change, and lace-ups have become one of the most popular shoe options for women!

As a matter of fact, flat lace up shoes like sneakers, brogues, oxfords, loafers, Derby’s and so on, are favourite for most fashionable women for their everyday outfits, and even for outfits for some more formal occasions. However, not all flats are as comfortable as they are fashionable, and vice versa, so before going on a search for lace up flats Australia wide, you should learn how to avoid compromising on either of these equally important factors. But, while finding beauty is quite straightforward and up to you, how do you recognise comfort?

Comfort Is Everything!

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Probably the of the most important thing to keep in mind whenever you are buying something that you are going to wear is that comfort is everything. While taste is something completely personal, the need for comfort is something that everyone shares. And when it comes to shoes, even more so. It’s incredible how much our feet have to endure on daily basis. Every time you are standing, walking, dancing, running, your feet feel your entire weight, and they feel the entire force and all the impacts of every movement. So, when you are choosing shoes, you need to think of them as the ultimate support for these two small parts of your body that do so much for you.

But walking in uncomfortable shoes doesn’t only hurt your feet. First of all, when our feet hurt, we don’t stand or walk properly, which means that it affects our entire bodies – our posture, our legs, hips, backs, necks, etc. If we feel this physical discomfort for long periods, it can have a deeper impact on our health, and not only on our physical health. When we are in pain, our mind can’t be at ease. This means that we can become stressed, we can’t focus on our tasks, we can’t be as productive or stay in good mood etc.

So, if you are looking for lace up flat shoes that you are going to wear for longer periods of time, you should always aim for the best comfort possible. But how do you know if you are choosing comfortable shoes? Regardless of whether you are buying lace up flats online or at a store, choosing the perfect pair isn’t an exact science, and we have all made mistakes that our feet have paid. There are several things that can give you an idea of whether your choice is right or not.

The Manufacturer

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Fast fashion may create some pieces that look great, but if you are looking for real comfort, you should be aiming for quality. Before buying the lace up flats you like, learn as much as you can about the manufacturer, and always aim for good and responsible companies that compromise neither on comfort nor on style. To learn about them, you can read reviews, learn about the materials they use, their origin, the production process, their policies etc.

The Quality

While the price may be some indication, higher prices don’t always mean the best quality, so don’t let price be your only guide. On the other hand, cheapness is never an indicator of quality or comfort. So, while the idea isn’t to spend too much on shoes, you should always aim for the best quality you can afford. Good materials, good production, good arch support, good insoles, soles etc., are far more likely to provide you comfort, than cheap shoes – no matter how beautiful they seem. And moreover, high-quality means cost-effective. High-end lace flats, while more expensive, will also be more durable and will last much longer.

The Fit

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Aside from making sure that you are buying from a good manufacturer and that you are getting a high-quality product, any time you are buying shoes, regardless of whether you are buying lace up flats or even high heels, the next more important thing, when it comes to comfort, is fit. Wearing shoes that are too small, too tight, too loose or too large can never be comfortable, even if you are buying the best quality lice up flats Australia has to offer. If you are ordering online, always take the proper measurements, and always learn about the store’s return policy, and if you are buying at a store, always buy shoes later in the day, when your feet are already a little bit tired.