Ideas For Camouflaging Hair Loss

Thinning hair and hair loss do not affect only older people. Many women and men who in their young and middle ages have thinning hair. Fortunately, there are few reasonable options that work and will give you the best possible results. You can choose whether to cut your hair or use hair pieces to camouflage hair loss and thinning hair problems. Since none of these ways are expensive or difficult, why not try all three and see which one is the best option for you.


Hair cut/styling

Ask your hairdresser for the perfect cut to camouflage hair loss. The best way to camouflage the female hair loss is adding curls. With curls it will be much harder to see your scalp, plus you’ll achieve that buoyant and voluminous style. Curl your hair with a gel by balling up hands full of your hair and then blow dry it upside down while you continue to give it volume by “sprunching”. If you like, you can use curling iron to achieve the same effect.

When it comes to length, he best style for hiding female hair loss shoulder length hair and shorter. Bob-style hair gives that feeling of thickness and fullness. You can spice it up a bit with bangs or curls. Or you can go for a shorter cut as it adds fullness and opens your face. It takes a bit gel and a bit of practicing to master the short-hair look. But with time you’ll see that this is the right look for you.


Whether called in-fill powders or hair loss concealers, all of these products come in many different colours and can easily be matched with the colour of your natural hair. The camouflage powder contains hair-growth fibers and you should spray it on the bald spots on your scalp. The powdered area of your scalp blends with your natural hair colour and it’s not as noticeable. Be careful how you use these in-fill powders as too much will certainly show.

Hair pieces

Both women and man can use hair pieces, hair extensions or wigs to hide hair loss. Made of quality human hair or synthetic fibers, hair extensions and wigs created today offer a more natural look. There are many different models available and all come in different styles and colours. For example, toupees cover only the problem area of your scalp, like the part line, the crown and the bang area. Hair extensions are mostly used to add length and volume and can match both the texture and the colour of your natural hair. Today, many women use hair extensions to hide hair loss as they are affordable, do not damage natural hair and are easy to attach and remove.