Ideas for Adding Freshness to Your Bedroom

Now that it’s becoming common knowledge that we spend one third of our lives sleeping, we’ve started becoming more aware of its importance to the quality of life we have. Want to be healthier, and more productive at work? Make quality sleep part of your every night. And here’s the question how to do so. What most of us don’t realise is the bedroom itself has a huge impact on whether or not we have a good night’s sleep.

Quilt Covers Sets

What we could all do with is more freshness, so here are some ideas on how to bring freshness to your bedroom, to make it a sleep oasis. You can begin with paying more attention to the choices you make when it comes to bedding. This goes not only in terms of material (preferably organic cotton, and bamboo), but also in colours and patterns. For instance, quilt covers sets, sheets, and pillow cases that bring about freshness don’t bring about visual clutter; instead they are minimalist.

Such quilt covers sets, and bedding in general, make it piece of cake to take care of them too, as they come in organic materials, that are durable, and add to the quality of sleep thanks to the more than welcome properties in the likes of breathability, and moisture-wicking. So, the next time you think of saving a dollar by opting for the synthetic choices, think of the long term value and make the proper investment.

A word more about bed freshness is making it a must to make your bed in the morning! However, instead of making it right away upon waking up, it’s advisable to take away the bedding, let it air, which would let the mattress air too, for about half an hour. Once time is up, you can make the bed. Then again, it’s also a must to wash the bedding every week. Just because the organic options don’t leave any room for moisture remaining odours doesn’t mean they shouldn’t be changed on a weekly basis.

Now then, you can’t have freshness unless you have fresh air. It’s essential to have a window open most of the day, or if not so, then by all means, after waking up in the morning because nothing compares, not even air-conditioning unit air can make up for the freshness from an open window.

Why is this important? Because poor air ventilation has an impact on sleep, the poorer it is, the less of a good night’s sleep you can count on, and the less productive you’d be the following day, as a result. Besides, an open window lets more sun in which is beneficial for killing off mould and bacteria.

Don’t forget to carefully wipe down all the dust-prone surfaces, like the desks, bedside tables, bookshelves, and window coverings. And as a final touch, you can count on the help of scented candles or possibly essential oils, to create ambiance, as well as fill up the room with a lovely fragrance. Lavender equals a night of getting all the z’s!